Friday, August 6, 2010

Morning Post, SPX, S&P 500, E-mini

Busy trading Jobs perspective -Disappointing NFP: Private Up Just 71k On Consensus Of 90k, Total Down -131K on Consensus -64K They sucked so bad Liesman could not make them sound good, alas the fully manipulated POS market is holding up nicely. When you sen your rep a note thanking him foe saving your 401k, please remeber to scorn him for destroying your country.

See that wedge below in the Sell Me post. that is the best I got. What should happen is if (yes I actually said if - caused this is a rigged POS market) the wedge breaks down it should fall pretty good. then look out for a possible backtest. Some indexes have trashed the wedge already earlier this week. I'm short SDS and FAZ from pre market. I'll look to add on the pop.

/ES chart - Not good. How is it not imploding - we can all now answer that question. Welcome to the Socialist States of America. You are now living in a place that is similar to China and the USSR. This is bull shit low volume control before the open. When the herd hits the gates at 9:30 let's see if they can hold back the rush. One at a time please.