Monday, August 2, 2010

What Is Not Broken? (A Mini Rant)

What a joke our country has become. I guess desperate people resort to anything they can use to try and save their ass. A long line of elected representatives under the control of the financial oligarchs have allowed our country to be pwned (and amazingly a few are even getting in trouble for it). I have tried to restrain myself from the rants (that most of you know and love). I really try to retain some sort of professionalism, but my goodness, someone has to raise some hell and say it like it is.

This is just a few hot topics, feel free to cover what I don't in the comments below.

On Fraud and Market Manipulation -

This has actually gotten so out of hand it is becoming a joke. The SEC has FIOA revoked? (maybe not for long if Ron Paul has his way) Nice one Mr. President Transparency, your track record of change, protecting the public and keeping all those campaign promises is astounding. So we now have SEC probes BP potential insider trading: sources? What the hell good is this going to do? Another slap on the wrist a la GS? Wooo hoooo we've been vindicated! Yippie! Thanks guys you are doing a fantastic job up there in DC. Keep up the great work. Fuck this bullshit.

The markets are one big rigged POS and our representatives are not going to do one damn thing about it cause they are bought and paid for by the banksters and  if tehy do let the markets fall, guess what, we all go to hell in a handbasket. We have to save face, the greatest nation on the planet? Fuck, we're fast becoming the biggest joke on the planet. ZH brought us "It's Not A Market, It's An HFT 'Crop Circle' Crime Scene" - Further Evidence Of Quote Stuffing Manipulation By HFT and Karl Denninger explains the manipulation discovered by Nanex in this video. I agree wtih Karl, Where are the cops?

On National Debt -

With the US Treasury Projects A $13.9 Trillion Debt Balance At December 31, Anticipates Debt Ceiling Breach Some Time In February 2011 why should we be worried about national default (or global default for that matter) the printing presses can run perpetually. What's the big deal? OBTW, do you think this number is a good or real representation of the ACTUAL situation? LMAO if you do you need to drink some more water (see lithium below).  Bottom line is this once great nation is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the world.The great consumer is dead. We produce NOTHING. We only consume (used to at least). There is no way of paying all this back (well, not in a fair manner that equally distributes the burden - oops what do you say? - equality? that's right -equality is a friggin one way street for Obamanation as the few that actually produce and create wealth will be raped to pay for the free ride (see immigration below). We're fucked!

On Local City/State Issues -

I'm gonna leave California out of this discussion cause we all know they are back on the IOU bandwagon hovering in the $18 BILLION debt arena without a paddle. So, let's just bring up a couple of recent posts that shine some light on a huge issue that is being kept quiet US And Greek Cities Refuse To Service Debt As Next Stage Of Solvency Crisis Shifts From Sovereign To Local Governments  or Disingenuous Bernanke Calls for Bigger State "Rainy Day" Buffers, No Spending Cuts You need to know that municipalities and states are in deep shit all over the nation. They can't just pull up to the drive thru and borrow anymore. They actually have to fix problems now (and that is not what politicians do).

On immigration -

I am all for immigration. We're all sons or daughters of immigrants. Just fucking come here legally and we won't have any problems. Go to the immigration office and sign the papers and there won't be any issues. But NOOOOOOOOOOO, fucking climb a fence have a friggin baby and POOF you are another Obama supporter on the lamb. Fuck this bullshit. We have areas in AZ that are under foreign control. Soverign state, LMAO, not under this administration. Let the drug lords rule Tucson! Who gives a shit? Well apparently St. Rep Pete Staks thinks it is all a friggin joke. Pardon my professionalism for raising hell, if I am unprofessional what is this old fart?

Oh, and another thing I've been thinking about, they may have to put up fences eventually but not for the illegals coming here. It will be to keep the tax paying base in the country. I have a feeling that we're gonna be hauling ass sooner than later. Would someone explain to me why the fuck I want to stay here to assist in furthering the socialist agenda? There will be a mass exodus and all that will be left will be the entitlement scum looking at their Czar Barry for another handout. We all know how that's gonna work out. This country is so screwed.

UPDATE: Funny as hell - you gotta read this. Americans who swap passports "At the US Embassy in London, there is a waiting list that none of the officials likes to discuss. On the list are Americans hoping to give up their citizenship, as they seek shelter from the Internal Revenue Service." I friggin told you this was coming. Put up the fences to keep the people IN. HA, what a fucking joke this place has become. 

On Lithium in the water -

Fucking great, I guess I am a prime example of the need to drug the water supply. With the impending mass revolt after AZ becomes a state of Mexico, all the municipalities fail and default on their debts, Barry gives the farm away for more votes and the stock market crashes; I may just request my portion in injection form. Thank you sir, may I have another. Prison Planet has Oxford Professor Calls for Mass Drugging Population Through Water Supply. Look, our water is already packed with Fluoride (rat poison - read the tube of toothpaste - it says to call poison control if swallowed). What the hell good is lithium gonna do, allow us to remain calm while we are poisoned to death? I suggest (before you take that next drink of water) you look at this - The Truth About Fluoride.

What is astounding is the loss of freedoms and individual rights. The demolition of the Constitution and the rise of the socialist empire has come to fruition. Everything we were warned about by our forefathers and the architects of the Constitution has come to pass now. We now can not do a damn thing without help from Uncle Sam Big Brother. Hell, even if we want to help ourselves that is becoming illegal. We're screwed. I suggest seeds, ammo and a cave somewhere in Wyoming.

More on this to come soon. This is enough for now. It is to sad when you really think about it.