Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sell Me, Please Sell Me!

No post tonight as I am literally about to implode with anger over all the lies and fraud and manipulation that is all so blatant a 3rd grader can see it. It all comes clean in the morning at 8:30 with the employment report. According to squawk box GS was "quietly" accumulating longs today. Was that to support the market or do they know something? I don't understand the calm or quiet this week in the markets. The economic news has not been all that hot, and the lack of speculation coming into the number (usually there are pops or drops in front of such a release) is unusual to me. What, did the get the lithium out a week early in the water supply?I'll go out on a limb and say we're possibly topping out a large right shoulder of a pretty big HnS pattern that has a descending neckline. This can be seen on some of my longer time frame charts.

This 30m chart of the minis says it should fall. If the numbers are good in the morning and it pops I'm going to suspect it is  fake out beak out. These incredible setups got abused in P2 by the algo bots, so it can happen again. Consider this for your amusement only at this time. I'm in cash.