Friday, August 20, 2010

Morning Post, SPX, S&P 500, E-mini

LOL, this turned into a morning rant! Enjoy!

Closer and closer we creep towards reality. Slowly the government's veil is becoming more transparent (I use that word with a weeee bit of sarcasm). The load of shit they have been feeding you about a recovery while they have stealthily stolen all the wealth from the country is about to become painfully obvious to all. There is no recovery. There will be no recovery. The revolution is coming. Get prepared. (No, I am not exaggerating).

Our government is totally out of control and survives only to serve the lobby, special interests and the corporate giants. We the sheeple will become We The People once again and take our government back. It will be a long and painful journey, but we will win. We will eliminate the Fed and restore the Constitution. We will take our government back. Now, we may resemble Argentina at it's lows at some point during our battle, but I honestly believe the American spirit will drive us to success. If we do not prevail, three options A) Fascist state or B) Mad Max C) Fucking bail to some island in the Caribbean or Caspian sea. (I still think all the wealthy are going to gravitate to a couple of spots on the globe and leave the rest of the world to rot.)

On to the markets (sorry, no post last night, I had a little pent up frustration to get out there. I feel better now, thank you).

Opex Friday. No news and the bears have the ball. they have been grinding it down the field and yesterday completed a 50 yard bomb to inside the twenty. Question is, can they push it across the goal line or will they have to settle for 3?Then will they get an onside kick to really stick it to the bulls? this is a real possibility. I still think there needs to be some sort of Lehman catalyst to generate real fear (not like that does not exist anyway) and maybe Iran/N. Korea/China/False flag terror event will be it. We do have the elections that everyone keeps looking forward to, but I think the public is so pissed off at the government that this will be a non event for the markets.

/ES - minis set a lower low last night. The blue diagonal is the upper resistance line from the April top. That should be the target and like a magnet I think we get there very soon. Everyone is on edge and it has been proven there is not much "they" can do to stop another Flash Crash event. Be prepared. Any upside will be purely fictional. If you are not one of the ones that has participated in the record setting outflow of capital from the markets you are a moron. Get the hell OUT!

So, be prepared for more weakness. I am not sure when "the" day will come, but it will come. We're close. The slide (avalanche) has started and all it needs now is a little momo or a catalyst to really get it started. Team Fraudulent Manipulation plays dirty and they still have some power (controlling 70% of the trading volume) to stick it to Papa Bear, so be cautious. Like going against the Mob, they don't play bey the rules (actually they have proven they have no regard for the rules). So. keep those stop tight. Don't get overenthusiastic about any of your plays yet. Be prudent and patient. there will be plenty of opportunities for you to make a mint I promise. For more specific calls today visit the Dark Side. At Shanky's Dark Side we have had a fantastic week. If you want to hear my intraday calls or if you would like to review my real time performance, it is there for all to see. All are welcome (while it is still a free site.

GL, thanks for the views and support and have a great weekend!