Monday, August 30, 2010

Morning Post, SPX, S&P 500, E-mini

Not sure where to start this morning. I guess the bottom line is that Uncle Benny has promised to make it all good and reinforces that he can manipulate markets and economies to prosperity again (no worries about the next bubble of course), so the market loves it. How do you invest in a market where the fundamentals are some of the worst in history, but the Fed has promised to use every means possible to manipulate it? You can't.

We all witnessed what can happen when all the bulls, POMO funds, the bots and the Fed all get on the same page earlier this year. I don't think that extreme can happen again, but you must remember that the markets are not real and are being supported by invisible forces (especially at the 1040 level). I think it is game over and they are out of bullets. Plan A (spend), B (spend more and allow accounting fraud) and C (spend even more, more fraud and monetization) have failed. Now they will control the data points coming out with even more diligence and throw out selective soundbites that are really meaningless (like Ben's last Friday morning) at key moments of support. It should become relatively predictable.

Friday I was astounded that INTC lowered estimates and then closed green. If that was not a load of crap I'm not sure what is. If you remember the fall in May was full of lowered estimates that only lead to beats last quarter. I expect more of the same prior to earnings next quarter.

Economic Calendar - Tomorrow is a big day with Case Shiller, Chicago PMI and Consumer Confidence. Actually, this week may prove to be a minefield of data points.

SPX 30m - So, is price backtesting the neckline and about to collapse or is the larger wedge playing out and a slightly more significant pop is in order? Given the oversold daily indicators, I'm inclined to think we get more of a pop. but that is not guaranteed and they can begin to embed here. It all depends on the data this week. If data continues to come in at a substandard rate then Earl may not be the only storm that might hit the east coast this week.
Given the position of the indicators, I'm inclined to call for a melt up Monday. After today I'm not willing to call anything just yet. Friday should have proven to the bears that you can anticipate bad  (actually horrific) data all you want yet get burned at the same time from the breath of Ben. I still contend that you have to play this market by the 30m charts with short plays and plenty of dry powder. You want to be ready for the drive thru 1040. I don't think it creeps thru that level. I think it will gap thru. Then you want to get on the train. I believe you almost have to be more reactive to this market (as being proactive and on the burned side of the trade). The minis 30m are bottoming and the SPX 30m is toppy, but has some room to climb. Let's see if they can put some more cushion under price today before the data flows later this week.

GL this week and don't forget I call the action live at Shanky's Dark Side. Let me give everyone a huge thank you as the blog crossed the 700k hit mark over the weekend.