Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How Bad Is It?

Well, let's start with the Third Hindenburg Omen Confirmation I could stop there, but why bother? It is so much fun these days picking apart our failed government and the despicable crooks in the Fed and Treasury. Hell, even the MSM is getting in on the act now (well, not including CNBS of course). LOL, like anyone is watching the MSM anymore 'CBS Evening News' Ties All-Time Low.

When you take away the sugar infusion, you get a crash like in the Existing Home Sales Plunge 27.2%, Record Drop, Trounce Expectations Of 13.4%, Lowest Number Since May 1995. Great job Ben and Barry getting all those suckers to come in and suck up some inventory at inflated prices and interest rates! I mean, can't you people find a better way to stimulate (STIMULATE I said) the economy? I guess not. When you apply the $25 trillion defibrillator and nothing happens, you may get the CLUE that the patient is dead. Mouth to mouth, uh, no thanks. I prefer to remain dead and not experience the economic destruction ya'll have created.

I seriously doubt you'll hear this from the BS BLS (or any other government sponsored data provider), but 3rd Quarter GDP Likely Negative, Recession Never Ended.  Mish with a little joke here, "The ECRI is still touting the "flattening" of the Weekly Leading Indicators (WLI) at -10. With the collapse in treasury yields, a print of -500,000 on weekly claims, and a god-awful Philly Fed report, let's watch the next few weeks. I suspect this "flattening" period will soon be over." Get it? I thought so.

Can you believe that people have the audacity, nerve, balls to point out that the markets REALLY are manipulated? Well, it does not take balls but it does take brains to explain it in a way we all can get it. Sadly Denninger's post like all other blogger (read sensible and concise) complaints fall on death bought an paid for ears in Washington. The big brain posted  When Will We See Handcuffs? (Market Manipulation). "For those of us who are in the 99% of investors and traders you need to consider carefully how you can reasonably invest or trade in what is increasingly being documented as a rigged casino with willfully-blind "regulators" that have and continue to refuse to enforce both the letter and spirit of the law that is supposed to protect your right to fair dealing and equal market access?" Thank you Karl. I agree, all those SOB's need to be locked up and the key should be thrown away.

You know I preach global default as the only way out of all this mess. Remember back in '08 when all the talk about a dollar crash and a global currency was floating around? Well, this post from The Economic Collapse brings those thoughts full circle and even closer to reality. In Bancor: The Name Of The Global Currency That A Shocking IMF Report Is Proposing you get (what I call) the perverse speculation of the IMF on what will happen down the road and how our currency will be impacted.

Get this, "So where in the world did the name "Bancor" come from?  Well, it turns out that "Bancor" is the name of a hypothetical world currency unit once suggested by John Maynard Keynes.  Keynes was a world famous British economist who headed the World Banking Commission that created the IMF during the Breton Woods negotiations." Keynes? Hmmm..let me start putting the pieces together, Breton Woods, CFR, Bernanke, bubble, monetization, Keynes, IMF....Let me be the first to say, "NO THANK YOU". This is all hypothetical until you start taking a dose of reality a day and get the real picture. We have to ask (staring down the barrel of the gun) what the hell is their plan from this point to get out of this mess? Just what are these fuckers planning to solve all that they have fucked up? That is a horrifying thought isn't it?

To follow up that lovely thought, Jesse's Cafe American posted US Money Supply Figures: Dude, Where's My (Monetary) Deflation? "There is also sufficient room for concern about the US dollar and its sustainability as the world's reserve currency. This would be familiar to most economists as Triffin's Dilemma. As the world shifts from the Bretton Woods II compromise to a less dollar specific regime the adjustment could be quite traumatic, especially to the financialization industry. Here is another description of the same phenomenon called the Seigniorage Curse. It is why I have called the US dollar and its associated bonds The Last Bubble." Fuck, there is Breton Woods again. This is soooo Alex Jones. Hogwash, right? You better start thinking twice about that. Who the hell got bailed out and who controls all the chips in this crisis? Bond bubble? You betcha and it will be the last bubble. No mas, baby, This will be it, and the "they" that I have been referring to since the early days of this blog will control everything.

We all remember the movie the Minority Report. You know the pre-crime all that futuristic mumbo-jumbo that could never come true? Well, just like Big Brother welcome to Pre-Crime Technology To Be Used In Washington D.C. (Note to my handler - since I am now positive you know what I will be doing next week and for the rest of my life before I do - if you are going to pick me up make it on a Wednesday please - duh - sure you knew that, sorry.)  "The technology sifts through a database of thousands of crimes and uses algorithms and different variables, such as geographical location, criminal records and ages of previous offenders, to come up with predictions of where, when, and how a crime could possibly be committed and by who." Nice, without sounding racist, this sounds like something that would have come from the Bush/Cheney cabal and not Barry's administration.

So, how many of you agree with me that we'll need increased border control to keep people IN the country? So, let's not push that border control issue to hard for another year or two. We may want all the holes we can get.

Thanks for the views and support and GL! Remember your seeds, vespas and ammo!