Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Morning Post, SPX, S&P 500, E-mini

Don't forget Shanky's Dark Side where I make all the intraday calls. 

Well, I've been hinting at a pop, now can we get price thru resistance and have any sort of follow thru? Something tells me this market will go wherever they want it to with little resistance. When you have all the co-located servers, bots and HFT algos coordinated who can argue with that logic? What's that? They have another arrow in the quiver? One that costs them nothing? Yup, the power of rumor driven ramp jobs like the one surrounding POT today. I'll give this hostile offer a 40% chance of success, but a 100% chance of getting a positive market reaction.

Get your pops while you can if this hold course and history repeats its self -Former US Envoy To UN John Bolton Says "Israel Has 8 Days To Strike Iran"

Economic Calendar -

Well, I had been calling for a low near 65 and I got it on the minis (not the SPX LOL) when they hit 66 yesterday AM. This 30m chart may put some downward pressure on price this morning as it is extended overbought, setting divergences and needs a breather.You can clearly see the range it has been bound to. If it can crack 88 level it may get somewhere.
Against popular consensus, I've been looking for a move to the 92 to 97 range after a fall to 65. Well I got a fall to 70 and now with the futures spiking nicely, after price pegged the wedge target line and completed a 50% retracement it set divergences on this chart and appears to want to move up.
SPX daily - Just see all the red arrows lined up above. Noting will come easy on this move up and there are lots of possible turning points. I have not placed a buy signal on this chart. It is a wee bit oversold.The ADX is not bottoming and signaling like it has in the past which bothers me somewhat.
Watch the currencies (UUP is still in play). Listen for more BS from the Fed and treasury. I think the lies get thicker from here (if that is possible). Something is going to happen overseas that will effect our market dramatically soon. China, Iran, EU - it will come from somewhere. So be cautiously bullish and have tight stops. This may be the move up that sets a divergence on my CPC chart that sets the top for a nice sortable trade.