Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Simple Chart Or Two - This May Hurt Just A Bit

Fun with Fractals! We're in the blue stage. Gonna be a rough year.
More on the SPX, TNX, USB and VIX relationship. This one is real easy. The VIX should be where the USB is (black line) and the SPX should be where TNX is. It is that simple. Luv me sum VXX. That VIX divergence is NOT foretelling a breakout. It is telling a story of raw manipulation and a lack of real/human market participation. Machines have no fear, especially when they control the markets. Thus, I no longer quote or use the VIX. It has been rendered a useless indicator.

My CPC chart now has the hook. Might need a divergence in NYMO to really set it off. I don't think it stops till extreme bearishness hits at the upper red line.

Bottom line is all hell is gonna break loose.