Wednesday, August 4, 2010

End Game

I literally could not post after the market closed today. I had to get away, so I came home and played with the kids (great for your sanity till you envision the stark reality of the world they will be living in). I am pretty upset about the fictional state of the markets and the bullshit lies our socialist elite feed us about recoveries and V shaped recessions. The past two days of churn have charred my nerves to the core.

Honestly, what our government has allowed to happen and what the Fed and Treasury have done to us in the name of greed and power can no longer be undone. The debt bubble they proliferated so they could suck up more money than can be printed will have left this country's (and the world's) financial state looking something like Hiroshima after the bomb. Guess what, we'll still owe them interest on interest. Congratulations, we're now debt slaves to the system.

That was the conservative side of the problem. The fucked up liberal/socialist bullshit entitlement establishment has us all by the balls ON TOP OF THE DEBT WE OWE. You see their voter base consists of the fat ass produce nothing consume everything have 15 children that breed like rats in a sewer that have zero context and do nothing but sponge off society cause they can breathe and we must provide for them as fucking well.

Something has to give. On one side you have the blatant sans KY rape of the middle class and on the other you have the leaches of society (both black and white). There is no middle ground. It is one or the other. What is happening is via this financial destruction, they are creating a situation where more and more are counting on Big Brother to assist. The more that are reliant on the government the more power it has. The more that are reliant the more the worker bees have to provide sacrifice fucking give up to keep the system functioning.

Can't you see it coming? The destruction of the Constitution, the proliferation of more and greater social programs, the destruction of our inalienable rights in the name of protectionism, all are structured events that are occurring cause the government has been taken over by special interest lobbies that run the show for their benefit and not ours. Our government has been hijacked and is being held hostage by a group of corporations. Our government is sucking up GSE's and becoming the state.

They are further driving the wedge between the haves and have nots creating such a separation that we the sheeple will never be able to come together as one and thus will not be able to form a revolt successful enough to take our government back.You see, we've been reduced to the squirrel on the wheel under the hood that runs the engine. What we need to realize is that the engine stops if we get off the wheel, especially the group that is productive and pays taxes (that would be the Tea Party).

Thus you get the groups (both liberal and conservative and the MSM) that are already vigorously attacking the new party with all their might out of the gate. They are screaming racism and inequality. They see the dangers in this new group really fucking up the good thing they've got going in DC. In reality we all should be standing side by side and coming together. Sadly this is not possible any longer. The extreme amount of assistance the entitled now receive (everyone must have a 50" plasma or two, plenty of food and a house and and a couple of cars and vacation money) has been ingrained in their lifestyles and they are not about to give that up. Just like the corporate giants, they got a really good gig and will fight to the death to protect their free ride (lord knows if they put that effort into being actually productive what they could achieve).

But, woops, if that group stops driving the engine and quits consuming, quits supporting the corporate giants (like purchasing from local stores and not the giant chains like we will) , quits supplying the machine with the funds that lubricate the system then guess what the hell happens? It all falls fucking apart. They lose. Another consequence will be class warfare cause the entitled POS Americans will be up the creek without a paddle.

Woops, here we are back to class warfare again. What happens to the entitled masses when the providers decide to shut it down? Boy do we have some problems then. There is that divide again. How will we solve this massive issue? How will we get our government back, support those TRULY in need, put those to work that need to go to work and make everyone happy all at the same time before this train runs off the tracks?

LOL, good fucking luck with that, and I think that is just what our government has resolved to. The system is broken and out of control.  So out of control at this point that it is spiraling at an ever increasing rate that total destruction is destined to be the end result. Total class warfare that divides the nation on a permanent basis. Total government control over every aspect of our lives. End game.

What are our options to solve these tremendous issues? Well, my favorite is that all the worker bees pick up and get the hell out of dodge. Why the hell will anyone with half a brain want to live here? Seriously? Why sacrifice everything for the entitlement class and to support the corporate giants that control the government that is supposed to serve us? Fuck that. Will there be one country that leads the pack recruiting all the educated and motivated individuals to it with the promise of a new state where their fruits will be rewarded and not spent on charitable prospects? I think so. 

Another option, and the most logical, is for us to end the Fed, break up the TBTF's, destroy the corporate lobby system, reinstate the Constitution in its original form and start over. Hell, we're gonna have to start over anyway when this debt bubble finally collapses, why not do it right since we'll be at the bottom anyway?

I think both options are realistic and viable. Bottom line is something is going to have to change drastically very soon. This country (well, every country actually) has been drained robbed literally raped by the greediest bunch of fucking crooks on the planet. Massive global default will IMHO be the only solution to the debt crisis (do ya really think Greece is gonna be able to pay back $120 billion? Really? Grape leaves, Ouzo and tourism? I mean come on, I was born in the dark but not last night.), That default will be the catalyst for us to finally make our move. 

We're going to have to find some sort of middle ground and come together. We're all going to experience MASSIVE wage deflation and we're all going to have to work. We will most likely have to fight our own government at some point and hopefully we can avoid the class warfare that should come. It is going to be ugly, but if we are to maintain our freedoms and individual liberties, we're gonna have to suffer and fight like hell. If we don't it will be End Game for the good 'ol US of A.

Side note: Stock charts is down (or I can;t update in Java applets for some "security" reason. Till then I'm stuck with ToS stuff. Hope this is fixed but the morning. This range bound crud is driving me nuts and so is all the indecision. Just move. Nort or south, I do not care. I want to get this leg of the market over with so we can get this damn bubble burst behind us. The sooner the better.