Saturday, July 31, 2010

SPX 30m

Just something to look at since you have nothing else to do on a Saturday night. Pink box is divergence from the 10 yr treasury. The MACD is in knots which is very rare for this chart. RSI5 is cycling like a Whirlpool (rare again). Other indicators are climbing or mixed. I like the wedge still, but the triangle overthrow is on it's last leg here if the fall does not continue. If it is right, the triangle target will possibly mark the end of the 3rd wave and the wedge target will mark the end of 1 of 3. Sounds good at this time. If the triangle is dead the wedge is still alive and it will still most likely mark the end of 1. Given the reaction to the GDP disappointment and the rampant manipulation here in China oops I mean the good 'ol US of Fraud, I'd caution all shorts to keep their stops tight. After further charting, the dailys all look very toppy except for most RSI14's. The charts are not aligned and not very clear IMO which illustrate the market actions. So, we may be close to a top, or not. This game we're playing is for ignorant fools. Keep those stops tight at all times. It will collapse and all us bears will be elated. Getting to that point may require some more patience though. 

At this time after charting the 30m group of major indexes it looks like there is still some more upside to come. The VIX obviously would have room to fall. I need to apologize to everyone for missing the easy divergences that led to the buy at the low on Friday.  

After more charting guess what, looks like oil is rolling over with some nive topping divergences and strong resistance on the daily chart.