Thursday, July 1, 2010

Target Chart - No One On The Net Delivered This Call But Your's Truly.

UPDATE - I forgot to mention my $89 price target for the dollar given months ago as well. 

I hate people that blow their own horn, but I have to every now and then. How am I doing? Not bad thank you very much. Considering this target was given BEFORE the top in a post on April 22. And some thought I was nuts. Sadly I may have been conservative. I'm just glad I hit the circle. To think I called a 200+ point fall in the SPX in a two month period in the face of that bull market is quite astounding. The fact I was right, even more so.

If Prechter makes millions, why the hell am I doing this for free? Basically cause I care about you, the readers, that only get falsified bullshit from the most respected financial minds on the planet who are doing nothing but ripping you off and destroying your wealth.I knida think of the web as a communal place for common good where we all should work together for the betterment of everything NOT FOR PROFIT! Those fucking assholes running the government and Wall St. should all be sent packing. Greedy bastards.

Oh yeah, I called the top once and missed it by a day. I actually did this post within an hour or so of the actual top, and in it I regretted not calling the top. How did Mr. EWI do? Still not as well as me on his third, or fifth top call, I lost count. Sorry I have been in a funk calling things lately. I am afraid corrections are so, well 1990's, they will be few and far between. Stick around, I may be in somewhat of a funk now, but I'll come out of it. That is guaranteed. Why? Cause the charts don't lie like everyone else.

GL and thanks for the visits.