Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Looking at YHOO - 

Weekly 5yr - Dead cat bounce or worse? Black or blue TL? Violent swings are all you get with this puppy recently. It appears if you miss the week it moves, you miss it. Few sustained moves. 
Daily - If that is a H&S the target is near 8.
 30m - Looks like it fell to support. I'd say it is due for a bounce, but the short play will be in order soon. Guess what, the SC PnF target is right in line with my H&S target at $8.5.Note that YHOO is setting up a larger inverse H&S where this breakdown will be the RS, thus, at the bottom you can load up and hold on for a while, that may be a year or two away though.
So, there is a chance for a ST pop here if the markets show any strength, but that will not last long. IMO YHOO is a news driven stock (will it be bought or not usually) and I'm not sure what good they can produce other than a buyout rumor. We all know how they screwed that up when it was near $22 I think. Is YHOO a Blue Light Special down here? I'm betting MSFT or some venture capital firm knows they can get 'em for $10 or less.