Monday, April 26, 2010

SPX 30m - Let's See What She's Got

UPDATE: No post tonight. Lil' Shanky has a baseball game. So far so good for the bears. This 30m chart works like a charm sometimes. The 60m is now in bear mode. I should call the daily chart the big nasty, cause it is really bearish. The big question is can it now follow thru. Something tells me I am gonna regret not calling the top when I posted this chart, but with the manipulators still in full control I just can;t pull the trigger on that one. I did debate it with myself which was fun. LOL, you should have been inside my head for that discussion. I should have called it. I'm gonna regret it. I don't like to talk top, say top or think top (oops here I go again - you don't need to hear it), but I am gonna have to address this problem sooner or later. It has everything I want BUT a divergence on the weekly chart, so we have to wait. Link to my chartbook is in the blogroll. I updated most on the first two pages. Oh, and the donate button is on the right if you are so inclined.

Hey, anything is possible, right?