Friday, April 9, 2010

Morning Post, e-mini

Now the question becomes was the fall on Tuesday and Wednesday just another ABC corrective and the march up continues? If yesterday was a corrective of that move it was most impressive. If it was another 1 of the next 5 wave move up it was even more impressive. Look, at this time we all know this market is a POS rigged game. We all know it will come crashing down eventually. As I have anticipated from the beginning, and I repeat again, it will take and "external event" out of "their" control to make the markets crash. It will crash and it will be soon. They can't keep the balls in the air forever. They have nixed all rules and regulations and have had the printing presses in overdrive reinflating the bubble. It will pop. As I have stated before, there will be TWO market closures on the next fall.

I'll be back in the office next week. Enjoy your weekend. 

Pivot Points - Know 'em

Economic Calendar -

Masters -Yes, it is rigged as well. It seems the the standards for the WWE permeate the nation now.

I apologize for missing this analogy for over a year now. If the average American believe Pro Wresting is real, then WTF do you think they believe about this recovery crud the government and MSM are feeding them?

E-mini daily - The upper bull market resistance line is real. It has held the market for over a year now. I believe the pot can boil over, and it will sooner than later. All this pattern has left in it is churn. Significant upside should be limited from here. The only thing that can cause even more upside from here is even more significant market manipulation by the bots. Expect a long rant Monday.

GL and have a great weekend.