Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cover Your Ears Cause Here I Come

If you are some sort of sweet, kind and well mannered person that does not like four letter words, then just stop reading here for your own good and know that I am sick and tired of the fraud and manipulation. Thanks for visiting and please come back tomorrow. To those of you that decide to read on, cover your ears. This one is classic Shanky style for you old timers.

Fuck this. My monthly pop off valve has sprung, and I just can't contain it any longer. Must ... let... out... anger! Can't.. hold... any... longer. I have been very polite for a while with the language, but allow me my moment here. If you have been here for a while you know my rants. If not, you need to learn to expect these once or twice a year. Some appreciate these posts and others do not, but one thing for sure is that these posts echo the sentiment of more and more readers every time.

You mean to tell me we are on the fucking doorstep of financial Armageddon and we rally 15 points in the SPX. For what reason? What the fuck? Give me a break. The circle jerk that has Greece as the pivot man has been going for months now. The on again off again bailout is now coming to climax and it sounds like we the people will be on the hook for another fucking $7 billion (give or take) bailing out a nation that is thousands of miles away.

Thanks Barry, I mean O, let me get out my fucking checkbook. Where is it...can't locate it right now ... there it is.. check the balance... oops I have no more fucking money cause those fucking unregulated banks that are charging me +30% on my cc balance and that shut down my HELOC have drained may ass. Sorry, Shanky is tapped out. Oh and then there is that little noticed issue about how much I can withdraw from my money market (used to be called DEMAND DEPOSITS I think) but that does not matter cause I have no more fucking money to give. Oh, that's right I have children, get out the KY, I guess they might as well get used to getting screwed by the government at an early age, cause they will be the ones paying for all this shit FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

Go ahead. Set the precedent. Bail one out and you have to bail them all out (I bet this is what the German parliament discussions sound like right now). Spain, Portugal, Japan, pick a PIIG any PIIG, they are all coming. It is as plain as the nose on your face. There is no way in hell that Greece will be able to pay back 10, no 40 to 50, no more, no only 20 really we promise, now its 120 BILLION? They can't even pay back what they fucking owe right now. This is fucking S T U P I D. At that pace multiplied by P I I G S and you'll be talking about some real money. Sure, the TBTF's (mainly GS) caused some of shit to happen, but why the fuck does that make me and you responsible to cover the debt that the greed/corruption roller coaster left in it's wake? Hell, do we at least get some sort of equity interest in Greece? How bout an all expense paid cruise around the isles?

Every wrong that was done to get us into this mess is being perpetuated and further multiplied by our government. Instead of being fiscally prudent and setting the "example" they should be setting they are stoking the fire.  Kick the fucking can down the road and pull demand forward. Bail out defunct failing corporate giants and allow the backbone of America to suffer into financial starvation. Here we are again with a chance to get the patient (this time Greece) into the operating room. A chance to face the music, open up the body and start fixing the problems, but instead we are causing even more damage by not addressing the illness. This is like giving heroin (or hopium in this case) to an addict and saying it will solve all their problems. Like giving Greece 120b is gonna do any good (other than allowing the banks to make more fees).

Does our government even know what is happening here in your own country? We have a slight employment issue. We have an economy that is 70% supported by stimulus rather than the consumer. We have on the verge of bankruptcy states and cities scattered throughout the country. We have a slight issue with the RE and CRE markets. Banks and businesses are failing left and right. We have a slight issue with national debt. Shall I continue....I for one would much rather be taxed to help my own state, not one 4,000 miles away that's only connection to me is that it got screwed by an American company for profit. Sorry, but that is not my fucking problem. That one belongs to Washington and they should address the issue with the party responsible- NOT ME!

Sadly, we no longer have a voice. The government no longer represents the people. It represents the lobby and special interests that drive the machine. You and I no longer enter onto the equation. This shit is simply out of hand. The re-inflation trade of extend and pretend is extending its tentacles around the globe now. I guess we have the biggest printing press (I'm long ink and paper) and some sort of conscious since we probably caused all this mess and are afraid that they will come and start selling their treasuries (there is that demand deposit thing again) and crush us. So much for being the biggest most powerful nation on the planet. Sure, we can kick your ass, but thanks to our government for a total lack of regulation and allowing these fraudulent bubbles to exist, the world now has us by the balls. Yes, they can take our candy away.

They really are thinking about us and our best interests. Sure, they are here to be the heroes and "reform" banking so this never happens again. They are the saviors. My fing ass. They are the corrupt bastards of spin that have been pulling the wool over their constituents eyes for years serving the corporate and special interest donations (that they conveniently voted to take the cap off of). Why not throw in a HC bill in the middle of all this shit? Sure, why not. I guess those slated for reelection don't give a shit (would you want to come back to this mess?).

This is unfuckingbelieveable! This is insanity (definition .....) Over and over again. SSDD. Spend, spend, spend. Bailout, bailout, bailout. Tax, tax, tax. It will end. Oh will it end. They can continue to melt this market up on HFT algos trading with each other with funds form you and me making their billions in bonus money as log as they want. What the fuck is the SEC gonna do about it? Not a damn thing. Regulation my fucking ass. Why don't you go look in the fucking closet at the TBTF's and pull out the marked to fantasy assets and fucking end this misery. Be done with it. The banks do not have the government by the balls, it should be the other way around. Sure, the banks can fuck up the system for everyone (uh, what's new?), but the system is so fucked up who gives a shit? I will leave FNM and FRE out of the discussion this time.

This market is all they have left standing between them and total anarchy, so they MUST keep it afloat. They have the pump and dump in overdrive pulling their assets out and replacing them with your 401k funds. Yes, you will get stuck one last time dear reader. The ultimate back door job is happening right in front of your face and they think you have no idea what is going on. You think they are gonna lose a dime in all this? Hell no. You are! (Or we are because we are a nation of dipshits that are complacent and fucking lazy as all hell and we have a government that does not give a flying shit about you or me).

We will have to pay the band eventually. Sadly they have been throwing trillions of good money into a pit that we (nor our children) will never see again (well the bankers and their children will see it). The token money spent has not done any good (no matter what you hear on CNBS) unless you work for Government Motors or another (ever expanding) GSE. I wish they would just fucking end it. Now is the time. Let Greece be the token sacrifice. I apologize to the people of Greece. We are all in the same boat, and I am not singling you out, but you are at the front of the line. I'd much rather see you be part of the solution and not part of the problem. You can't pay back the debt you have now. Again, how the fuck are you gonna support another 120 BILLION? the good folks in Germany get it. They know what the hell is going on. The global house of cards is at stake right now. Right fucking now (and you wonder why I took a shot a calling a top?). We are at the event horizon (and the market goes up like all is well - shuh).

Does this make any sense? Fuck no. This is total idiocy. This is insanity. That is why I an so fucking pissed off. Fucking take your medicine and get it over with. I promise the sooner we actually start addressing the problems instead of covering them up the sooner this nightmare will end. How will it end? I'm thinking massive deflationary period that is a prolonged depression with eventual hyper-inflationary period, or we simply become the next Japan. Either way we are going to face years of prolonged pain. Gold, ha, let's talk fuel, seeds, water and ammo as the ultimate barter items. Mad Max? Not quite, but some countries (Mexico) will be there.

Many thanks to Alan, Ben and our government.

Have a good evening and thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Konichiwa bitches!