Friday, April 16, 2010

Morning Post, SPX, S&P 500, E-mini

I see it, you see it, but the whole friggin world doesn't? As money piles in at the top, it makes you wonder. Heck, the whole frigging world is pointing to the fib retracements and numerous other topping signals and yet the funds keep on piling in and the ramps just a keep on ramping. I tell you this, as long as the carry trade is alive and well, this may never stop. As I have stated before, this market may be all there is between our government and anarchy. The high values are enough to keep the masses satisfied and distracted from reality. Well my brother, reality will come one day and that day will not be pretty when we have to atone for all our sins.

ISEE Index - 52 week high yesterday.

Economic Calendar - After housing starts Consumer Sentiment at 9:55. 75 is the number.

Earnings Calendar - C reports Monday before the open.

Pivot Points - Know 'em

SPX 60m - OK,  so we got the 30m cross yesterday and looks like today we may want to put the hammer down with the 60m (did I mention the dailys don't look so hot either?). If the PPT can fight this trifecta off it would be amazing. Maybe the pressure of the 30 and 60 together can finally get the dailys to roll over. Minis down 4 at this time. Let's hope this is not the standard issue gap down and fill we have see all to often this year. Looks to me like they screwed up their timing with the 30m MACD and more weakness should be expected. I will be waiting patiently most likely till the 9:55 Consumer Sentiment number pops out. Today could be interesting but only if we can get the volume to male the pull.
GL and have a great weekend!