Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Looking At The Major Indexes In Detail

In my boredom today I re-charted all the major indexes.

Follow the red and green buy sell lines to the indicators. I placed all the charts here for you to see in one place. We're close. These charts are not in my public list, sorry. I am on vacation at the beach, so no real commentary. The charts, wedges and targets speak for themselves. One thing I will point out is that the upper BB is forcing price into the blue trendline acting as support on most every chart. If you look back in January and notice the same thing happened (or really at all the major turns on this bull run) to cause a good reversal. SPX and DOW almost at 1200 and 11000. I'm not gonna do any evening news posts this week, sorry. I feel like ranting, but the beach has me nice and mellow right now. I'm in a happy place and want to stay there for a few more days. GL!