Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome Juggernaut Trading

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to trade? One that is off the charts better than any other? Well, I have found it. About two weeks ago I opened an account with Broad Street Trading, LLC and found Juggernaut Trading, LLC and Tim Kelleher in the process. A nasty combination of a sensational trading platform and experienced traders that have even transformed my trading abilities (all in two weeks).

Some of you wonder where I have been during the days for a few weeks, well, now you know. I haunt a new board comparing technical wit with a few other technicians thru the day while Tim is barking out trades and nuggets of market knowledge and movements that have really impressed me. It is an involved, active and informative journey every day. I have been able to combine my charting and tracking abilities with Tim's commentary to refine my trading and take it to new levels. To be able to take my bearish stance to a board that accepts both bull and bear arguments has opened new doors to my ability to make profits.

Tim has been a professional in electronic equities trading since 1992. Tim's experience ranges from formerly directing Instinet's data centers to operating Juggernaut Trading, LLC. Specializing in developing multiple well defined arguments in both the overall market and individual equities. Two other traders live in the background, Mark Brickman and Mark Baratto. Both seasoned veterans sporting a combined 16 years experience. 

Opening the account with Broad Street Trading LLC was simple and downloading operating the trading platform even easier. Trades are lightning fast and tracking your open and closed positions is a breeze. Support is just a phone call away. Did I mention the leverage? Yeah, this place is etrade on steroids with a personal coach. It is sick. 

Yeah, I forgot to mention the training platform. Tim is a personal trading coach that has designed courses for all levels of traders that are really fantastic. They give you an insider's knowledge at the tip of your fingers. They are designed for every level of trader, and trust me, with all of Tim's experience you will learn many secrets of the pits and valuable market knowledge that only comes with his years of experience. Then you get Tim all day on the board putting it all together right in front of you. 

I am in an affiliate arrangement with Juggernaut and Broad Street. You know me. This is the first affiliate arrangement I have ever brought to my board to actively promote. I don't blog for money. I blog to assist others to get better and gain knowledge. Juggernaut is like that. I trust 'em and have thoroughly enjoyed trading with them. I would like for you to take advantage of the two week free trial of their trading board that you can sign up for here. I will be there every minute of the day so you know that I am not full of it. I do not get paid to be there. I am there out of my own free will. Yes, this is where I hang now. All day. 

Since there is a chance I could be compensated for this referral, I would like to ask you to include my name in the section of the sign up form of where you heard about Juggernaut or Broad Street Trading. I hope to see you there. Make sure you give a shout out when you get on the board.