Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Madness Of It All (A Clean Rant)

I am so close to a full blown rant post filled with countless 4 letter words. You need one, I need one and the antagonists deserve one. This crud is so out of hand. You know it. I know it. "They" know it. Hell, we all know it and sit aimlessly on our hands as if nothing can or should be done.

Like trying to give a sick child medicine, they resist and resist. Well little Christopher, you won't get any better till you take your medicine. But it tastes bad daddy. Well son, if you don't take it you won't get better. Sadly our nation is a lot like little Christopher. Taking the medicine and dumping it into the plant down the hall and claiming he took it. Dad can't figure out why Christopher is not getting any better and why the plants keep dying. Does this story sound familiar? Well our "child" is not getting any better and plants are dying all over the place. By the time we do get around to taking our medicine (cause we'll have been admitted to the ER in a comatose state) it may be to late.

Fantasy land does exist. You are living in it. The fantasy is that things are getting better. That the worst has come and gone. That this employment report will make all things better. That the BLS is not reporting BS. That the ratings agencies are honest and truthful. That the banks are not really insolvent. That the $27 trillion spent to solve our issues did not go to waste (or to the banksters). That the reflation trade will make everything better. That regulation is not the problem. That corruption does not exist. That government intervention is not the only reason GDP is above zero. That the markets are not manipulated. That monetization does not exist. That the price of gold is not and never has been manipulated. That the new health care bill is a glorious thing. That our "president" has held every promise he made during his campaign. That our president is a legal citizen. Shall I continue, or do you get my drift? Reality has been skewed worse now than any time in history.

How the heck we are all not in the streets raising total hell is beyond me. I assume we have been conditioned to a point (like rats in a maze or a cage). We have become so complacent that to react to anything is waaaay to much trouble. We are an ill informed, worthless (literally), lazy, unmotivated, disconnected, selfish, self centered, arrogant nation. We are collectively the most pathetic group of individuals on the planet. A bunch of spoon fed drones. Our forefathers would truly be ashamed of whet we have become.

They fought for this? I don't think so. They did not fight and die for us to be a bunch of freeloaders. They fought for us to be free. Well folks, your freedom is being taken bit by bit right in front of your eyes and apparently you either don't give a darn or you ... well, don't give a darn. See those cameras on the corners? How about "legal" wire taps or naked body scanners in the airports. Homeland security "in the name of terrorism" has stolen so many of our God given or "constitutional" rights that there may not be any left.

Realistically our "president" has become a Fascist ruler given virtually unlimited powers in the name of the Patriot Act. Do you know some of the items that were in that "health care" bill? Ever heard of Section 203 and the Civil National Security Force or the Ready Reserve force? (h/t M33). Remember him speaking of a "national security force" during his campaign? Not sure what the heck that has to do with HC, but it sure was in there. Anyway,  there is his second promise kept (first was health care). This is some scary stuff. I suggest you take a look.

In case you have not heard House Minority leader John Boehner's closing argument against the health care reform bill, here it is - Did anyone know what was in it? Was it transparent as promised. Was it slammed thru without allowing time for review as promised? Or as Pelosi said, we'll just have to pass it to find out what's in it.

Even our elected leaders are as lax as we are. No one gives a damn. If it does not involve money, power or a future job at Goldman Sacks, it does not matter. Other than Alex Jones and a few of the "fringe" or "whacked out" extremists, is anyone doing a damn thing to correct or fight these issues facing our nation? Sadly, no. You will have a chance this November. Let me correct that, you MAY have a chance this November if elections are not suspended by Barry.Time To Take Back The Country; Congressional Candidates Deserving Your Support: Ron Paul, John Dennis, BJ Lawson, Rand Paul

Folks, it is really bad out there. The global financial system is about to implode. It will. It is beyond repair. Hundreds of trillions (or maybe even Quadrillions) of nasty toxic waste has been laid out there by the banksters to prop up the global Ponzi scheme (and to profit handsomely from). Our pension to borrow our way out of budget deficits (or any deficit period) has finally caught up with the world. Would you give any significant sum of money to an irresponsible neighbor whose is out of work, whose home is being foreclosed on and is about to file for bankruptcy? Say hello to Greece and the rest of the PIIGS. They will be the first domino to fall. They can't borrow any more and no one will lend to a lost cause. Can't you see this? (well, you can, but John Q Public has no friggin clue cause of the ever informant and truthful MSM.) Why the hell do you think the banks are hoarding cash and not lending? Because they know the worst is not over. They know the depths of the issues that face this nation financially. They know what they have "off balance sheet" and it ain't pretty. They know the rules have been changed to rig the game and if (or the 'remotely' possible when) the rules change back nothing will ever be the same. So the big grab is on.

I am extremely disappointed in our leaders for letting this happen (starting with the Clinton administration and every elected official since - some may make a case for going back as far as Nixon which I can agree with). What the hell were they thinking? Who were they really serving us or the special interests (that can donate ad nauseum to campaigns now thanks to the fine bunch in office now)? Sadly this whole mess will come to an end, but not thru any significant corrective actions. Our hand will be forced. The patient will be critically ill and puking up a lung before any real corrective measures will be taken.

Please do your part to unseat every official that is in office now (other than Ron Paul and a few select others). Please support move your money, audit the fed, Americans for a Balanced Budget Amendment, Get Involved
and other worthwhile groups that are trying to make a difference.We can win our country back. It will be a painful fight, but a purging is necessary. So lets start on the hill and work our way from there. If we don't, America may not survive as you know it today.

UPDATE: U.S. Standard of Living Unsustainable Without Drastic Action, Former Top Govt. Accountant Says

UPDATE 2: Greece Heads Back To Square One As EU's Bazooka Was Nothing More Than A Water Pistol  "Europe's rescue plan for Greece is now bank at square one. The reason the plan failed is there never really was a plan to begin with, just bazooka talk." Hate to say I've been telling you this all along. You would have thought differently from whay world leaders and the MSM have told you. I'm telling you that you can not believe one thing they say.