Monday, March 15, 2010

Newz Bites

Gotta be a quick hitter tonight as coach pitch Baseball now dominates my social life in the evenings.

Here are a couple of dire posts that you may find interesting. Trust me, this is not MSM material that you will come across casually surfing the news.

My buddy Rich from Jubileeprosperity sent me this today -Debt Dynamite Dominoes: The Coming Financial Catastrophe - Assessing the Illusion of Recovery."The people have been lulled into a false sense of safety under the ruse of a perceived “economic recovery.” Unfortunately, what the majority of people think does not make it so, especially when the people making the key decisions think and act to the contrary. The sovereign debt crises that have been unfolding in the past couple years and more recently in Greece, are canaries in the coal mine for the rest of Western “civilization.” The crisis threatens to spread to Spain, Portugal and Ireland; like dominoes, one country after another will collapse into a debt and currency crisis, all the way to America." When I get stuff like this it makes me happy. You all know how I feel and what I think (bad then worse). The tsunami is traveling across the ocean and the warning buoys are all going off. 

I read this one on infowars today from Bob Chapman's International Forecaster - US Federal Reserve Dealing in Magic and Secrets. Bob does a great job as always. for those of you that discount Bob or think he's a bit on the "fringes", his track record is pretty strong and I urge you to heed his words. This is a great post chocked full of meaningful quantifiable numbers. "It is not healthy for a nation to have $3.3 trillion in Treasury bonds held by foreigners. China holds about $900 billion and Japan about $800 billion. We also understand that hedge funds and others also are fronting both countries, so the figures are not really reflective in their total positions. These nations for the most part are rolling their positions, but have not injected new capital into US Treasuries. That is why the Fed had to fund 80% of new Treasury debt last year."

Mish had some entertaining posts this weekend. This one full of videos that (for you more visually stimulated) explain the deficits, funding, spending and freezes in pictures. You will enjoy them, I promise. Obama's Backbone Like Over-Cooked Spaghetti; So Where Are The Fiscal Conservatives? (I had the vid with the pennies last summer, its great).

Zero Hedge brings you -Is The US Preparing For "The Total Destruction Of Iran?". You all know every financial disaster in the history of the world has ended with a war. Why not complete the destruction of the middle east?

I'm glad someone caught this - Denninger at The Market Ticker has Oh The Huge Manatee (LIESman .vs. Santelli) The Santelli -Liesman exchange from this morning. If you were ever wondering what it felt like to be a pinata, give Steve a call, he'll know for sure. 

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