Friday, March 12, 2010

Shanky's NCAA Tournament Challenge

Don't forget Shanky's Tournament Championship Blog Bracket! Yes, you can compete for bragging rights with the other readers in a blood bath that will resemble the social discord that will follow the meltdown of the markets.

Want to join the bloodbath? It is easy  - Go to the ESPN Tournament Challenge link HERE - click to join a group - find the group shanky's blog , click on it and your password is  - shanky  (original - I know).

No experience necessary. No cost. Just fun. Pick the teams that will advance thru the brackets and win. It is that simple. If you have never done a bracket I suggest you try and follow it. 

Invite all your friends. Pass the word around. I'll be updating the blog during the tournament with results. It should be fun (feedback on the sign up process and other stuff is encouraged). At least more fun than watching the churn day after day.

7 - now - 11  - now 13 - players and growing.

Sign up today!