Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Announcing The New Focal Equity

FocalEquity.com is a merged investment site of StockTock.com and KhronoStock.com that is run by a selective team of traders, investors and financial bloggers. The site offers subscription-based online investment services as well as a vast investment social network via FocalEquity Social. The goal of the subscription services is to provide paid subscribers of FocalEquity.com a comprehensive guidance on equity, currency, equity options and futures trading as well as macro-based investment strategies. The goal of FocalEquity Social is to build a meaningful and quality trading and investment community that serves as a great resource for traders and individual investors.

I was one of the original members of Stocktock back in 2007. Craig the original founder taught me many things about the markets and trading. Now Idian is running the show providing a running commentary for traders and some great daily videos. He does a fantastic job. The board is full of traders with great experience (like RichardPB that posts comments here quite often). I contribute here and there in the free and subscription side with original material only for the Focal Equity site. I can also be found roaming their commentary during the day at times distributing some real time trading knowledge (for what that is worth).

I'm honored to be a contributor and to be a part of the great team they have assembled. I'd appreciate it if you would visit the site and check out all it has to offer. They really do have a great bunch of traders and analysts.

Congrats to the team at Focal Equity on the launch of a great new site!