Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boiling Over And A Big FU

At 11:45 I was so pissed off that both my HP (10bII - I hate the reverse math) and my coffee cup had left sizable marks on the wall opposite my desk. The dam melt up was happening again, and I had finally had enough to resort to throwing and yelling and blowing out about 1,000 capillaries in my cranium. I then got composed, noticed the perfect short set up and, well, I'm all happy now.

This manipulation bullshit must stop. Hell, it does not matter if it stops now or not. We're beyond toast. We're beyond friggin any measure of doom. They can't stop it. Like a crack or meth addict, the need to perpetuate the Ponzi must be driven at any cost. They are in too deep and no matter what Bernanke says about an "exit strategy", there is not one. The game is over. Do you know how hard it is to describe something that must be stopped but can't be stopped cause if it gets stopped it all collapses, but if you don't stop it it will collapse anyway? So they trudge on thinking we'll never notice (actually it has gotten so blatant that they don't give a shit if we notice or not cause the SEC is not doing a damn thing to stop it).

Please see Some Observations On SPY VWAP And Block Manipulation As FSA Launches Probe On Front-Running Of Block Trades. This is mind boggling, the lack of regulation of any sort. ZH gives the SEC their due here, "When are the useless excuses for human detritus over at the SEC going to do a comparable probe? Oh wait, they are watching kiddy and tranny porn as we speak, and counting their Wall Street salaries once they leave their cushy taxpayer subsidized offices. Sorry, go back to demanding an increase in your budget you worthless examples of reverse evolution. In the meantime, we present some obvious block manipulation data in the SPY which if we had anything remotely resembling a market regulator would be immediately probed." Apparently you can give the SEC hard data that proves manipulation or fraud (think Madoff) and they don't do squat about it. Maybe the banks fall under some GSE act now and are not punishable anymore. Shapiro need to be shown the door with the rest of her agency. This post is evidence (to me) of the PPT hard at work.

I have harped on total collapse and default for months now as the end game scenario. It is nice to finally hear it from someone else. In ECU Group's Philip Manduca "We Are At A Tipping Point" And The Only Thing That May Save The Euro Is A Collapse Of The US is a nice vid (from CNBS of all places) where Manduka discusses the tipping point, the wall of worry, loss of stimulus and debasement. If I were more civilized and proper this may be what I would sound like, but that would not be fun now would it? Please watch the vid in this post! It is going to hit the fan and it will be ugly.

Mish has 19,000 Job Cuts Projected For NYC; Illinois Bill to Slash Pensions; Florida Bill To Slash Pensions; John Dennis vs. Nancy Pelosi. Mish is really pissed at the unions, and he should be. Perhaps they are just fighting for their workers rights? Sadly, I think the union leaders exemplify the "me first" attitude that permeates America and are willfully blind to the true economic state of the Union. Give this one a read. It opens up local politics that you miss in the MSM (Hmmm, wonder why?). The best part of this post is, get this, DO YOU WANT PELOSI OUT? well, here is your chance  John Dennis Deserves your support. Hit that link, faccebook it, tweet it get the word out. Vote in John Dennis! LOL - Today is Pelosi's birthday. Please send a gift to John Dennis her opponent to wish her well on her way out of office.

Friggin dig this BS. The battle over your 401(k) assets is getting heated up. First the government was (and still is) considering forcing you to buy treasuries with the funds, now get a load of this Bend Over America: Now The SEIU Wants Your 401k! Nah, forget all those nasty things Mish just said about the unions being greedy and self absorbed, I think they are the spawn of the devil and Mish may have been to kind. "One of the nation's largest labor unions, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), is promoting a plan that will centralize all retirement plans for American workers, including private 401(k) plans, under one new "retirement system" for the United States." Let me say it for you may I, FUCK YOU! You now have two potential reasons to see a mass exodus out of the 401(k) market (well, excluding the 20 million other reasons some have already left their plans). Let me say it again, FUCK YOU SEIU!

naked capitalism has Top ten reasons you know China has a financial bubble on its hands. I found this one quite humorous.

Frustrations aside, it wound up being a good day. Sadly reveling in creating wealth from the collapse of this once great nation is a little lopsided. Well, hey, they created the standard. At least I'm gonna do it legally and with transparency. Hang on. It is gonna be a wild ride. Remember when I discussed the potential need for ammo and seeds, yeah, we're getting closer. Great Depression v.II is coming.