Monday, March 29, 2010

The Impossible Is Happening Right In Front Of Your Eyes, $SPX, S&P500

This is a daily chart with daily indicators. This is not some weak puny little 60 or 30m chart, but a daily chart. The divergences on this chart are real and not your imagination. The MACD bear cross is real. The MACD hist falling off a cliff is real. The Slow Sto bear cross and plummet is real. The divergences on Williams, Force, PPO and MFI are real. ADX is really falling. Yes, Ultimate is falling. Yes Accum/Dist is in orbit. SPXA50 is at 444. So, you tell me if it is normal that the market was up 6.63 points today, over 1/2 a percent?

The market does defy gravity and any force of nature that could pull it down. With no regulation, rampant corruption, and autobots (more like Decepticons) controlling all the trading in an extremely thin market nothing natural or of any statistical measure really matters any more. Listening to the UBS pit trader run the show today was astounding. Like a hungry lion with an insatiable appetite, nothing was going to get by his marching orders to lift the price at any cost. This is some really screwed up stuff if you are a realist. If you are a standard sheeple without any conscience or inclination to achieve, none of this matters to you.

I have been behind the manipulation theme for over a year now. I get it. It is real, but again my frustration boils over. This is a load of crap. This is, in the name of saving the union, destroying the fabric of our constitution. The raping of America for the glory of the banks has gone to far, and I have really had enough. It is out of control and no one is doing a damn thing to stop it. You can kiss everything you know goodbye, cause when this is over there will be nothing left. Our dignity as a nation is gone. We have been sold out.It will crash one day. There is no recovery. We have done nothing to address the core credit problems that caused this mess. They have simply prolonged the pain and suffering thru a massive waste of money (or transfer of wealth to the banks) in the name of reflation.

We have 8 (EIGHT) months of cash flow left as a nation (yes, this includes the 1.9 trillion they just extended to the treasury ceiling). Do you care to tell me where they will make up the difference when this fairy tale ends? That's right, taxes and real budget cuts and both are gonna really hurt.  March 29, 2010 Total Debt Subject To Limit: $12,629,674,000,000

Care to look at the Debt Clock?

This Daily SPX charts is better viewed HERE. Look and revel in the impossible. It is occurring on this chart. View and be amazed.