Friday, March 12, 2010

Morning Post

Remember back in January where I kept harping on one more higher high? We're there. I lost a bunch of readers who thought I was nuts and EWT said "this can not happen again". Well, Prechter is not so proudly continuing his 0-fer on calling tops and sticking to using plain vanilla TA is kicking his (and his followers) ass. I am not paid millions to make market calls. I do not have a team of researchers. I am a nobody and am taking him to the woodshed. I wonder if those readers are lurking in the shadows now? Sorry, but I have to say this now, when the hell will you wake up and learn that EWT is a bunch of SHIT. How much money has it cost you. How much time have you wasted following Hotchberg and trying numerous fruitless counts? Is this the 4th top you have "counted" that "had to be it"? Listen, USE TA ONLY and you would not be in this mess. EWT will have it's moments of brilliance. Sometimes counts do work, but as Craig from Stocktock always said, "Trust the charts". That may be the best lesson I ever learned.

Not surprisingly to me, the SPX should open at a new high for the year this morning. Back in the infancy of the blog I set a standard and made the call, the market is manipulated and it will continue to go up until some "external force" that is out of "their" control rips it away. Back then I was one of the few buying into the possibility that the greatest market on earth was a farce, now I am one of the many. Part of my theory has been that the market is all they have left between them and anarchy.

They absolutely must keep the value of the markets up for many reasons. Thru interest rate manipulation they forced the markets to be the only place to play if you wanted to make any money. Thru providing excessive liquidity and quantitative easing and the use of many fraudulent (and what I propose are illegal) accounting measures, they have lifted the market to levels that represent nothing more than a farce. We are participating in the raping of the assets of the American people. The great Pump and Dump. The insider selling should tell you plainly what is going on. There is no regulation. There is no transparency. Everything is run and controlled by the big money lobbyists. The middle class is being wiped out while big government furthers it control over the sheeple thru supplementation to the growing masses of the needy. The welfare state is expanding.

On to the markets - We'll set a higher high on the SPX today. The Dow is still 117 point from setting a higher high.

Here is one of my index comparison charts. It used to be a good chart till this recent round of exuberance screwed it up. If this were a game of darts, I would say that looks like a nice grouping. Compare the last rise and this one. Notice anything different? That's right, this one is not orderly. It is an impulsive piling on. What you are seeing is what one would normally think is a sucker's rally. The last rush in by the dumb money that does not want to miss the move up. This type of piling on usually deserves a 15 yard penalty, but is it different this time? I think so, because the public is not participating. It is your tax dollars running thru the treasury and Fed into the hands of the broker dealers that use the HFT algos to buy and sell against each other front running the markets to siphon off millions for their benefit and bonuses. This is your tax dollars at work trying to "save the economy and produce and economic recovery" FOR THE BANKS.
This thing is about to let go. Be patient. I am not sure if the Dow will have to catch up and set a higher high or not, but if it gets close and as soon as it gets one tick above the previous high, I'd have my finger on the trigger. The weekly chart is not showing a turn yet, but the divergences are stronger now than on any of the previous turns. This will be the top. I am speculating that the mutual funds will want a good month end print (possibly the last one for many years), so this may churn till the last week or thru opex (but it may not).

For those of you that have called me nuts (or worse) for believing and insisting the markets are manipulated and that accounting fraud is the only reason for any of this "recovery" please see The "Repo 105" Scam: How Lehman Fooled Everyone (Including Allegedly Dick Fuld) And How Other Banks Are Likely Doing This Right Now from Zero Hedge. This may be not only the market's black swan but the government and the Fed's as well.

Be patient. I'm waiting on the weeklys to show some sign of wanting to turn (which could happen any minute as the dailys are now showing divergences). I would have to say that if not some time today then next week for sure some sort of turn is coming. I'll have all chambers loaded and a finger on the trigger. At the first sign of any significant momo south, I'll be pulling the trigger as fast as possible.

I'll add this - I'm speculating the possibility of another rising wedge if this is not the ending of the ABC. Well know for sure on the next breakdown which is right. If the ABC plays out we simply fall like a rock, but if we don't look for a D down and E up to a possible double top here to end it all.We're also somewhat off the cycles I was following. There is still plenty of time for the March low I was looking for, and wouldn't it be a beautiful move to get that low set?

GL out there. Don't forget my Tournament Challenge Bracket (PW- Shanky) Have a great weekend!