Monday, January 11, 2010

What A Bunch Of Crap

Let's start with Trim Tabs CEO Charles Biderman courtesy of the ZH post More Observations On The Federal Reserve Buying Stocks. You all know I love to harp on manipulation, well, the numbers are starting to add up and they will continue to shine a brighter light on the fraud as time goes on. Unfortunately at the end, when it is to late and your future has been promised/sold to the banksters, we will all be indentured servants to the system. I'm not joking. Please watch.

So let's back that up with VIX-VXV Spread At 3 Year Lows from ZH. Can you put 2 and 2 together? This is really simple math and the thesis does not take more than a second grade mentality to deduct. Why should there be any fear if the government is backstopping everything taking your funds (borrowed/leveraged) and using then to support the market at all costs? 

And to pick a third post from ZH (just putting the pieces together) Insider Selling/Buying Ratio At 62.3x To Start Off 2010; Insiders Can't Thank The Fed Enough For Inflated Stock Prices - 

Mish has Investor Complacency Running High, Stock Valuations Extreme - Which is Rosie's report from Friday if you have not seen it (thrying to drive my point home here). 

And from Denninger - If Consumer Spending Is Improving, Where Is It? - again it takes demand to drive everything and if the consumer is dead then.....then......

Its a big no brainer. As I have said all along, it is manipulated and it will remain that way till something happens out of their control. It is a fucking Ponzi scheme that is being run at your expense. So why are we all not in the streets raising hell? Who knows, but we will be one day soon looking for blood. Sadly the corporate and governmental elite will weather the storm and some patsy that you have never heard of will get grilled. Geitner may get in trouble, but remember those pardons that the O gets? Timmuh will be at the top of the list (now as for the rest, I can't wait to see the radical trash that he sets free back to the streets). 

I keep putting posts like this together nightly. News is news, good or bad, the market reacts positively. The news is forming a tsunami IMO that is building off shore and will crest later this year. You may wonder, how it can get worse? Trust me it can and will during the election year as the finger pointing gets going good and accusations are rampant of who caused this mess. The team will no longer function as a unit and the lack of chemistry will destroy the hopium driven karma that has ruled DC and Wall St. The house of cards is going to crumble and then we will have our say. I'm not sure what it is going to take to get the public mad enough to get off their la-z-boys, but it will happen. 

Want to see the coolest chart you have ever seen that is a real eye opener? Gone in 24 Seconds: An ETCH Visualization - the flow of treasuries - it is wicked and tells a (not so) great story.

It is coming, be prepared.