Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Up In Smoke?

Somehow I never saw this one coming. Hit me like a truck smack in the face.California Grows A Brain? from The Market Ticker is a breath of fresh air (well, laced with THC that is). Bravo Karl! "Specifically, hemp makes an excellent biofuel feedstock, it is suitable for very high-quality paper production at lower cost than made from trees and the fiber is useful for a whole host of industrial and consumer end product uses, yet it is virtually impossible, given the insane "public policy" view toward the plant, for any of this to be exploited." You see, Karl gets it. It IS a viable plant that can assist society. Thomas Jefferson devoted 40 acres to growing this industrious plant. I assume some lobby that wanted to corner the paper market and a few other industries and were behind the illegalization of this plant. I now also assume Monsanto will be a leading seed developer and will have a patent on every form of DNA to the plant making it illegal to grow without them getting a cut of the action in about 10 years.

Up in smoke will go this bubble as well. Housing Bubbles, Global Household Leverage, Why Fed's Reflation Efforts Will Fail Mish delivers "Not only did the Fed enable the credit bubble, it blew the policy response. All it takes to prove that is another stock market plunge and credit crunch. Both are coming, we just don't know when."
Calculated Risk has Option ARM Recast Update - Thought you may have put this one on the back burner so let's shine some light back on the subject. Uh, bad. Really bad. They can not raise rates or the housing market collapses. It is that simple. Uh, it may collapse anyway when the next round of arms rolls thru anyway, so WTF right?

If you do not know who William Black is, you should. thanks to naked Capitalism for digging this one up. William Black” “Anti-Regulators: The Federal Reserve’s War Against Effective Regulation” William has been around the block a time or two and I'd say any analysis he does on regulatory failure is far better than you will get anywhere else.  

US Will Hit 94% Debt to GDP Ratio Next Year, Surpassing the Level Where Debt Starts Reducing Economic Growth so what's above 100%?

Economist: Bubble Warning The Big Picture dug this one up. I point it out because 7 out of 10 sights I have visited so far have something related to a "top" article on them. Either everyone is starting to figure this game out or a lot of people are wrong. Can't make that call till after the fact. Earnings season is upon us and the numbers will tell the story. Will the beat the number, but miss on revenue story again be enough to satisfy the market? Well, that is a mute point, cause GS is the market and they will direct it wherever they want it to go with your money via the Fed. 

Do you remember the recent problems with Greece? Guess what - Greece condemned for falsifying data  when it rains it pours and since Greece is a tiny little gnat on the global scale I expect them to the lion's share of the punishment (only to distract us from the troubles here at home).  Pay attention to the right hand. That's it look over here. No, no, no; don't look at the left hand. Look at the right hand. Gooood.

There you have it. Another wonderful day in the neighborhood. Can anyone point out what is missing from this post? No, not a rant or 4 letter words. Should be obvious. 

Have a great evening.