Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dodd Is A Smart Man

Get the F out of Dodge. That's what I would do. Cut and run. Get out while the getting is good. Smart, smart man. Well, I better not go quite that far, but for a manipulating SOB, he made a wise decision. ZH ran a poll on what he'll do next. If he is smart he'll get the hell out of the country. Senator Dodd Will Not Seek Re-election - Good Riddance. Sionara Succa. 

The Fed does it again! FOMC Minutes: More MBS Purchases Coming and some possible inflation. We are having inflation is specific areas, but I look at it more as price gouging. Reality will hit and we'll get deflation first IMO.

Yes, it is a secular bull market. I hinted at it. I thought it may happen. I knew they would throw every trick in the book at us. Thank goodness for Zero Hedge. They dig up the most wonderful stuff. (Sorry - they won the post lottery today and hit several out of the park - especially this one). You FAZ lovers, sorry. In Order To Make The Ponzi Market Keep Going Ever Higher, Barney Frank Tries To Make Shorting Virtually Impossible. This is a must read and worthy of a future rant. For those still in denial about market manipulation. Get a life.

Apparently years ending in 0 don't always work out for the markets.The Decennial Pattern – Years ending in 0.

Primer on unemployment - ADP: Private Employment Decreased 84,000 in December I hope we all have learned not to put any value on the ADP number. You need to wait for God's (oops, I mean GS's) prediction (oops - I mean statement).

If personal bankruptcies mean anything (no they are not an important statistic as the middle class means nothing any more) How to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney; NV, TN, GA Top Filing List; One in 35 Nevada households filed for bankruptcy in 2009 Some really bothersome numbers are in this post by Mish. Can't wait to see the next round of CC statistics (it you really believe any number coming from the MSM, Wall St., the Fed or the BLS).

Via naked capitalism - I thought this was worth throwing out there.Peak Oil Believers Wonder Why Every Government Ignores Them, Conclude It's Due To A Giant Cover Up  "What if the silence on peak oil is not a betrayal of national interests, but a policy choice informed by national interests? What if, with Mike Ruppert, we accept that there are “conspiracy facts”, and that the silence on peak oil is one of them?"

GL out there and have a great evening.