Friday, January 22, 2010

Out DAMN Spot

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble. Barney Frank and cronyism are being defeated. With Brown's election the shock wave has reached Cali. The Tide Has Turned: Barbara Boxer Joins Feingold And Many Others Opposing Bernanke is a representation of the roaches scrambling for cover. I told you election year would be interesting and the incumbents would begin to squirm to keep their power positions.The jockeying for position has begun in earnest. Now that did not take long.

The patient has finally made it into surgery. We have held the economy in triage keeping it on life support (life support is expensive). Now, will the surgeons be competent enough to revive the corpse that is so bruised and battered? This will not be an outpatient procedure. It will be a long and costly surgery (what isn't these days?).

First step, congressional liposuction! Let's remove the lipstick from the pig and some of the excess fat (Bawney, Pelosi and several others) and see what we have left to work with. I'm not suggesting we'll be able to create a Miss. America, but somewhere between Miss. Teen Sc and there will do just fine.

Second Step, amputate the Fed. It appears that Ben won't get the necessary votes to continue as lead council for the Capos. Cut the head off of the beast and dispatch it back down the hell hole it came from. seal the sum bitch under 500 tons of concrete where it will never be released on this earth again.

Third, brain transplant (or a major lobotomy). The lies and corruption of the current administration. replace them ALL and make Ron Paul President (sadly his recent CIA comments may make him a target for the CIA - see the time line in this link - scary stuff)

Fourth, major arterial reconstruction. Regulate the shit out of the bastards. By severing the main artery and reconstructing the flow of  funds thru the system money may actually make it to where it needs to go. This is akin to getting enough oxygen to the appropriate parts of the brain (which has been a problem for several decades now).

Fifth, major organ transplant. We need to regrow the right parts of the body and replace the old cancer infected ones. Senate, house and treasury are all cancer laden organs that need either transplant or to have the tumors removed so they can function properly.

More steps on this medical diagnosis and more detail to each procedure are to follow. Please feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section.