Thursday, January 28, 2016

Morning Charts 01/28/2016 SPX /es

No post this morning. Sorry. I have board meeting. I'll be in by 10:30. 

I have no clue on direction. From the 2134 and 2115 top I've had 1871 as my low target thinking they'd do all they could to protect the Bullard low. Seven times they hit that number but only once did it crack and not for long. As I've shown on my weekly chart there is a big dark hole all the way to 1575 and a potential HnS that goes to 1600. The only thing left to stop price is the weekly 200ma at 1785. Everyone is freaking out. Everything sucks. It is one giant cluster frack right now, and it ain't gonna get any better anytime soon. 

As we always discuss everything depends on intervention. It's all rigged. Nothing is real and their veil over the rot is the market. If they let it fail then their gig is up. They are not ready or in position for the market to fail at this time. They are really between a rock and a hard place. Im not sure they can let it run to 1575 and keep us all in the game.  They have to act now. 

Grandma was no real help yesterday. Draghi does no good and China and Japan are worthless in the intervention threat. Oil drives the buss now and that just adds to the craziness. Protecting the petrodollar is everything. Monetizing debt is out of hand. We let China buy up all the gold. Russia has outplayed us in the Middle Eas, and we gave Iran everything. 

I'm not going into the laundry list of things that constantly worry me now. We're really up the creek. Right now all you can do is continue to play the intervention game and try your best to follow their lead. It's nuts. You are playing a rigged game in a broken market with corrupt leaders running the show that have end game agendas we can't even fathom. Why any of us still have any funds in the casino is beyond me.  

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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