Friday, January 15, 2016

Morning Charts 01/15/2016 SPX /es

Popular headlines today that we here at STB have been discussing for months or even years - 

Where does everyone run for safety? The Dollar. No, that's not a joke. The world does actually run to a piece of paper printed on a printing press that is backed by nothing, not even a government. "I Don't Have Faith Anymore": Frustrated Chinese Shun Stocks For Safety Of Dollars, Gold

And what does this lead to? What's it all been about? Protectionism. Ron Paul Warns: "Watch The Petrodollar"

And maybe they are doing their best to answer STB's top question since prolly 2010 - What comes first, market crash or war? I'm on the war first side. Why? So the Fed and US government will have something to blame the collapse on. Financial Collapse Leads To War (Not to mention Obummer needs a legacy - or even a reason to cancel elections!

On to the lie -

What makes trading a collapse so difficult - it's almost aleap of faith - "Markets Crash When They're Oversold"

And I'll add my take on the Bullard Bounce 2.0 - Stocks Surge By Most Since September; Bonds, Dollar Flat, most here may remember back in the middle of last year I really started to harp on how foreign QE (Draghi, China, Japan) had lost it's luster and no longer had any real effect on the markets. Only true, real QE from the Fed (which everyone is waiting on) will have any bearing on price in the markets. Sadly, they may have lost their effectiveness with this tool now cause of the debt, the Fed's balance sheet and the rate hike.

SPX Weekly - Possibly the best chart I got. I'll look into making up some new charts that paint a better picture if I can. I did add a black hole to this charts to dramatize it just a bit. Think "event horizon' and the 'singularity'. We're about to get sucked in. I'll draw an even bigger one in when we crack 1575! These are just little baby black holes.

Freedom watch -

Not on a Friday.

More to come below.

Have a good holiday weekend.

GL and GB!

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