Friday, January 23, 2015

Morning Charts 01/23/2015 SPX /es

Not sure where to start today, so I'm just gonna let you insert your ideas here ____________ and be done with the post. So much is going down. The issues don't ever truly go away, nothing gets resolved, new issues continue to pile up in the global logjam of conspiracy fact. Adding moar money at this point is like adding litter to the cat box and not ever cleaning it out. 

Let's just leave the post at that this morning, it's Friday, why spoil the day so early. 

On to the lie- 

Nothing is in sync. Stock market prices are so disconnected from reality it's truly unbelievable. Commods, bonds, stocks - you make sense of it all - impossible. No correlations exist. Historical hedges are gone. I think while they had us worried about earth's poles shifting they switched the markets instead (so now you know why your market compasses don't work anymore - where is true North?)

Index Comparison Monthly - Only Cramer could screw up investing in this market. 

SPX 60m - Well, I started discussing back in November if not before that a wedge would form. The drop and pop to Xmas was in the setup. That after Xmas January would be interesting. Their savior would come in the form of moar as it always does but would they be able to maintain. Now we find out if the ECB's actions were enough. Can they turn price and ramp it again? 

This time it appears they are running into a few technical difficulties, and getting the crowd to react and fall in line is not as easy as it once was. They are still in total control, but the cost for them to manipulate just went up. How long can they afford to print trillions in fiat, maintain the lie and disregard the other markets (and reality) is the only question left?

Pushing price back through that old blue resistance line around 2060 is a big deal and automatically puts price back into an overbought situation. Notice that resistance line and how price may go over it, it does not stay there long. 

More to come below. 

Have a good weekend. 

GL and GB!

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