Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Morning Charts 12/31/2014 SPX /es

Last post of 2014!  Made it thru another year, thankfully. Not so sure how much I enjoyed this past year. It became so redundant and predictable. Nothing like perpetual BTFD leading to endless BTFATH. Nothing like SSDD over and over again. Let's hope 2015 will at least have some twists and turns, whether they lead to good or bad outcomes. 6 years of this shit is enough.

I gotta thank you all for another great year on the blog. New and old readers kept the love and knowledge flowing even when I went into  hibernation  mode the last few months. I needed a break. It's not so much a grind, but the SSDD predictable BS, knowing we're headed down the road to 1984 that hurts me inside. 

Why bother charting this mess when you basically (as I've said for years) follow the Fed. Their ramps produce formless junk now that over and underthrow technical targets with regularity breaking most rules and common knowledge. Market's falling ...... wait for the Fed speak and jump right in! There is nothing to it. It's a joke. Who would have ever thought we'd be trading in a rigged market?

There is some technical merit left. Every now and then they throw us a bone to keep us in play. This usually happens on the 6th or worse negative divergence following a technically impossible overthrow, but none the less they come. The falls are rarely what is deserved usually stopping short of a valid retracement, and they are always halted by the promise of moar, moar, moar QE from here or abroad. 

Is anyone doubting the STB "Event" call now? Is anyone doubting my endless rants on false flags, confiscation, rigged markets, or sustainable development? You can laugh at my calls for alien disclosure coming sooner than later, but with my track record .....

It's nothing more than one giant clusterfuck right now waiting to implode. When? Sadly no one can answer that question. Mid 2011 I called for the end Q1 of 2013 and that's when we got a perfectly timed "period of unprecedented manipulation". There is nothing you can do now but roll with what's given, take profits all the way out of the dollar and wait for the inevitable. I think I got one last run in me to take us to the end. What I will have to say will not be pretty. It will be quite dire as a matter of fact. You will have heard it all before. Remember some of you were on the fence at one time. Where are you now? 

Many thanks to all of you for your support this year and in years past. Y'all make STB, not me. Y'all make this the awesome community it is, and I can't thank each of you enough. Let's continue to share the love and the knowledge in 2015 with even more fervor and gusto. 

GL and GB!


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