Sunday, December 28, 2014

Morning Charts 12/29/2014

So, I'm closer to RC, it's gonna be below zero in the morning, the heat sort of works and LS2 is getting sick. This is my first post from my new hand me dowm iPad as well. Kids get all the goos stuff and I get sloppy seconds. Go figure.

Funny when the experts all start migrating their emd game scenarios close to something you formulated many years ago. Basically its gonna take an "event" to end this mess.

And while I'm at it, confiscation of retirement plans, it pretty much inevitable at this point I believe.

I,ll update some charts in the morning, but right now things have worked out almost exactly as called back in October.  Fall, rise into xmas and set the rising wedge going into January. Markets are overbought as usual with pretty severe negative divergences while just under the most recent resistance diagonal.  it's just a waiting game now for what I believe has potential to be a much larger and more violent turn.

I'll get on the computer and update some charts and get a better post out tomorrow.

have a good week and happy new year to all.

GL and GB!

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