Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Morning Charts 09/09/2014 SPX /es

John turned us on to the SIPC fraud/ponzi story yesterday morning in the comment section. He said this would, "set your mind at ease." About the only thing that set at ease for me was further cementing my belief their end game scenario is set with this and the "gates" being closed. 

This post on Forbes is a mind bender - Will SIPC's Brokerage Insurance Scam Help Allen Stanford Walk? It is an absolute must read for everyone. 

"SIPC is placing all brokerage account holders at enormous additional risk by standing ready to sue them if they earn a return on their investments and spend the proceeds. In fact, thanks to precedents SIPC established in the Madoff case, SIPC can declare the loss of your securities to be the result of a Ponzi scheme and sue you for up to every dollar you withdrew in the up to six years prior to the fraud’s discovery!"

SIPC has a clawback provision? SIPC's job, "restoring customer cash and securities left in the hands of bankrupt or otherwise financially troubled brokerage firms." You can read about all their "impressive results"from LEH to Madoff to O-MFG here at their site. Irony? On the front page of their site is a link to a post on how to protect yourself against fraud. HA! How about how to protect yourself from a program designed to protect the TBTF before the customer? This is just another nail in the endgame preparation coffin to me. 

So, does this fit well with STB's get all the way out thought process? Uh, yeah. Maybe you should read Close Your Brokerage Account! by Kotlikoff which has a blow by blow account of how SIPC is not your friend. You can also read SIPC's rebuttal here. Hmmm, who do I believe? 

The other bombshell dropped yesterday was These Kinds Of Market-Rigging "Practices" Will No Longer Be Allowed On The CMEFor all of the uninitiated nonbelievers in market rigging (that I have harped on for the past several years) feast on this! 

"first it was revealed a week ago that in order to "stimulate" the market, the CME is willing to pay central banks a liquidity rebate in order for the world's monetary authorities to "make markets" in the most important S&P 500 future, the E-Mini, confirming not only that central banks directly trade the S&P 500, but are incentivized to nudge it along the preferred central bank direction: up."
"nudge"? LMAO, more like "shove" markets to desired levels. So we now have taper ON and the CME OFF? This can't be good. So SIPC gets clawbacks and the Gates get closed? You start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. 

On to the lie - 

SPX Daily - Despite the action this week (hint - central bank trading the e-minis to VWAP perfection in an all too familiar PPT type fashion - without the first P) this chart ain't looking any better for bully. Price is clinging to once busted but reclaimed green support while the negative divergences continue to build. 

I can't say much more. Insanity is epidemic. 

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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