Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Morning Charts 09/10/14 SPX /es

I'll address a few things briefly this morning. 

9/11 - not sure how deep I will go on this subject tomorrow or Wednesday. Most here know that I'm pretty much a truther. I like to cite the Building 7 collapse, the lack of evidence in Shanksville and the Pentagon as my primary points of contention that this was an inside job. I also like to refer non-believers to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Something tells me that when over 2,250 of these folks agree on something, then there must be something to it. Recently I made observations comparing the Malaysia Air MH 17 crash site to Shankville.You tell me, if you had to testify to which place a plane crashed and did not, which would you choose? 


The hilarity of it all is summed up brilliantly in this must watch classic narrative by James Corbett here - 

Scotland - it's coming and is apparently real. 

And on out own freedom front - What did Sidney Bernstein call his wife in the movie Beverly Hills Cop when he picked up the phone and yelled into it? Shuh .... Nancy Pelosi Backs Controversial Internet Powers to Save Net Neutrality. You do know about and understand Net Neutrality right? If not see the 'End of the Internet' section  in this post. Bottom line is if Pelosi backs it, it ain't good for any of us. 

I also suggest you look into Sen. Cruz Questions IRS About Decision To Audit Breitbart News. Following the 'lost email' saga and the persecution of the tea party, now this? Seems like 'they' are going on a timely rampage to shut us up (again) doesn't it? The fact that this happens again and again is bad enough. Their increasing persistence is most bothersome. The fact that they want to destruct the Constitution and free speech is horrifying. 

And it would not be right, given all the biblical issues happening these days,  if I did not include this - iPhone 6 ‘Apple Pay’ Fingerprint System Stokes “Mark of the Beast” Fears.

Geez - has it all really come this far? Biblical? Uh, yes, yes it has. 

On to the lie - 

Let's rock thru a few SPX charts and do a quick review of what I've been showing for over a week now leading to a honest to goodness technical turn. 

SPX 30m - Showed this yesterday in the comments section - Anatomy of a rollover - basically a technical blow by blow of what I've been saying. Black to pink to red falling off the backtest of blue. Rare these days that such a clean (for the most part with the mini overthrow and CME PPT delays) technical move happens. 

SPX 60m - Will that blue rising wedge busted resistance become support? We should find out this morning. Just so set up for the post holiday (just like in July) #Fail. Overthrows are not supposed to happen. When they do bad things happen eventually. Note there is a chance they may be setting up a pretty large HnS here with this being the head and 1905ish the neckline. 

SPX Daily - You've seen my weekly and monthly charts recently. I've shown this one quite a bit as well. The July swoon I pretty much nailed the 1904ish target, and I suggest any severe turn here you should look to the 100ma near 1940 or the black dashed support diagonal near 1915 as CRITICAL support. This is basically the same diagonal I've used with great success for over a year now to time the bottom of every dip. Sub 1900 and the STB Red Diagonal of Death (yes, I still got it and the minis charts) is going to be busted. Sub 1900 close to the 1886 area is where I suspect the real sell stop orders lie. Hard hats required if the round number goes down. 

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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