Monday, September 8, 2014

Morning Charts 09/08/2014 SPX /es

A bit stale, but worth reading again - Here’s Why the Market Could Crash–Not in Two Years, But Now. It's a good post making some good points. I disagree to the extent that I'm married to my "event" call (from 2009 tyvm) as being the only thing that will rip control from the powers that be. Exhaustion or historical factors no longer have any relevance. 

This market will crash from bad news and bad news only is MHO. It's gonna take an external/exogenous "event" to get this totally controlled and manipulated fiasco to die it's horrific death. Conditions only continue to ripen (rapidly) for this to go down as well. With the lamest duck potus ever leading the charge, your confidence level in the US responding "appropriately" to any event is at best a joke. Remember that island he's on keeps drifting farther and farther from civilization. 

I think the "event" will be financially related, but it does not have to be. Nuclear, environmental, false flag, war, there are a gazillion options that could send this overly nervous and extremely overbought market over the edge. Don't forget, you and everyone else in play is waiting for that moment so they can exit stage right. LOL, good luck, remember those "gates"? 

Time, no one can tell when or where, but it is for certain that global tensions continue to rise and appear will not be fading anytime soon. We're headed to the end and it is only a matter of 'when' now. 

On to the lie - 

Weekly SPX - Que Jaws theme music - 

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