Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Morning Charts 11/12/13 SPX /ES

Denninger has a good post this morning that hits on a subject I want to briefly discuss. From Bet That This Gets No Airplay On CNBS

"Price is truth and the compressing nature of the moves and retraces tells you that the asymptote is approaching in the near future, putting us in the danger zone of imminent failure. 

Timing exactly when it will come is a fool's game but denying the inevitability of that outcome and remaining exposed to it is suicidal.  The worse news is that when the corrective move comes the entirety of the ramp will come back off with interest and this time there is nothing left with which to counteract the effects."
Price is truth, how often have you heard me say that my one solace in this whole mess is that price will get it right? Price will not lie. for months now I've been telling you about the volatility that comes with the top. I have also discussed for years now the impossible math and immanent failure of this scam they call a market. 

Timing of the end of this farce, well a couple of years ago I turned that over to my "follow the fed" mantra you now hear every day. As for the end game and the crash that will come, I have consistently written that true capitulation has not occurred yet. 2008 was a cake walk compared to what's coming. 

This time EVERYONE will want out and they will all head for the gates at the same time. The small market closures/interruptions that now occur weekly will be nothing compared to the shutdowns that are to come when the SHTF.

Trying to time this top is not the fools game, remaining in the market is the fools game. To think that you are gonna be able to sell, get your money out, go to the bank, cash out and walk away is moronic. They have you trapped, they have to have your assets to survive, they must have your deposits to support there levered, fractilized system or it all collapses. They must have you and your assets to prey upon or it all dies. You feed the beast.

Your digital fiat is just that. Your paper fiat is only slightly better. The dollar's collapse will come. You must consider a slow transition into other assets, REAL assets, like gold, silver, food, seeds, a tractor, worthwhile assets that are not dollars. 

The bearishness is REAL. The fear should be REAL. Running away at this point cause you don't like hearing it does you little good. Now is the time to face the fear and take the big boy steps that are necessary to ensure basic survival. 

They have no way out, so they will continue to increase debt and to steal from you. I firmly believe the retirement system will be confiscated soon. This will be the next to last thing they take, before they literally take every dollar in the system leaving you with nothing. 

So when does it top? Who knows. I warned on August of 2012 that we were "entering a period of unprecedented manipulation". They are going to have to increase QE again. They have to have an inflated market to distract from the horrific reality that exists. They could push the SPX to 2,500, but what would it matter? 

The house of cards will crash one day. The dollar is going down. Liberty and freedom are going down. The socialist fascist corporste control state is on the rise and it is their only out. Race or civil war will come at some point. Conditions worse than the great depression will come. A police state will be the end result. Agenda 21 is real.

This all will come to pass unless we can take control of the government and root out the corruption and greed that run the system. We will have to endure great pain as the debt purge will wipe almost everything out, and then we will start over. 

The question is how do we start over? Do we pick up and rebuild the greatest nation this globe has ever seen based on the Constitution which is the greatest document ever written, or do we become another socialist state doomed to rot as all previous ones have.

On to the lie - 

Yellen goes Thursday, so little may happen till then. GridEx starts tomorrow which scares me the most.

SPX Daily - Set for another fall or another disappointment for the bears? The negative divergences here are pretty bad, not to mention everything else that is technically unsound about this market. They can not keep this up much longer.

Minis 60m - OK, let's see if this week can bring a surprise for the bears. IF, IF, if they can push thru first support at 1759 and then the 1743 area, it could be game on for the bears. This is some optimistic talk from STB. Remain patient, we got Yellen to come. It's gonna take some serious Taper BS of a FF to move this thing below support.

More to come below.

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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