Monday, November 11, 2013

Morning Charts 11/11/13 SPX /ES

There are now two sides to Veterans day. One vetted in history in wars from oppression and for freedom, and one now cloaked in global domination and mercenary missions to destabilize the globe in the name of freedom.

In the US from the Revolutionary war all the way to World War II, those wars were fought by men and women of great honor. Those wars made a difference in the world today for the better. There were real threats to freedom and individual rights that had to be suppressed. 

I'm not sure I can find a war since that has been fought for any other reason than to simply have a war. Wars these days are fought to expand funding for the military industrial complex. They are fought for control of assets. They are fought so the banks can fund both sides of the war and make money off the reconstruction lending. They are fought so black markets can exist and where money laundering thrives to benefit the big banks. They are fought to destabilize regions and to empower puppet despot rulers that we can manipulate and profit from. 

The two sides of Veteran's Day are going to be obvious moving forward. Do we celebrate the service and death of a drone operator in DC who ignores collateral damage in the hunt for al-Qaeda leaders 10,000 miles from the US? Is there any honor left in what they fight for? They swore an oath to defend the constitution but continually are sent on missions that are completely and utterly unconstitutional. 

We now live in an era where top military brass are being swept out of their positions cause they refuse to fire or detain American citizens, cause they believe in Constitutional rights. These leaders are being replaced with ones that will do their master's bidding regardless of what the constitution says. 

I'm not so sure that the veterans we celebrate today would not be considered terrorists. Heck, is it any wonder the veterans of today are immediately put on a terrorist watch list? Thanks for serving, now welcome back to the country you defended with your life, you are now top of the domestic terrorist watch list as a threat to your government. Thanks again for your service. 

It won't be long till you see this question in a public school - 

True or False, George Washington was a terrorist? 

Or this question -

Which one is a terrorist? 

Thomas Jefferson

Times, they are a changin folks. If you've signed up for the military today you are signed up to expand the military industrial complex's power base, to expand the footprint of the central banking system, and to further the power base of the US government. Defending the constitution, that's a joke.

Yes, one day the soldiers may actually be called upon to defend our shores, and we'll all be glad they are there fighting for us. We need a strong national defense, but we do not need to put our sons and daughters into wars of aggression for the sake of expanding our global footprint in the name of greed and power. 

On to the lie - 

Daily SPX - That was one heck of a rally they put on Friday to fight off that reversal candle. The 20 dma at 1750 is the lower number to be watching here. She's been more than ready for a very strong reversal.

Minis 60m - Stick save Friday! SSDD, blue LT resistance above and pink support below, I told you things would settle in the area between blue resistance and critical red support (now 1700) and they have. Great double/triple top set up here while in an overthrow, while overbought to the max times ten. Can the Fed continue to push up? I guess at this time they can do anything they want, and that's the story of the game today. Pure, raw, uninhibited manipulation nothing more, that's what you got and will be happy you have it.

Don't forget GridEx coming the 13-14th. Prime opportunity for them to commit a FF, and they need one now in a big way.

Happy Veteran's Day. Many, many thanks to those that sacrificed and served for our freedoms.

GL and GB!

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