Friday, November 8, 2013

Morning Charts 11/071/3 SPX /ES

I'm sorry? Really? He went there, well why then did he stop at just the ocare lies? Why has he not apologized for basically every campaign promise he's turned on its head? Why has he not apologised for basically being a Bush III but worse than the first two? Let me help you here, check out this list of lies by year for the current liar in charge. (or you can go to this link that has a list of more than 50 websites documenting his many lies) Now as for Carney, this tool is the worst liar of all. How bout that, he gets paid really well to lie to your face, and he can live with that. Lord knows he's got some serious issues. I bet he was the victim of bullying his whole life and is exacting his revenge now with glee.

I suggest you read Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War? as this is just one of the many political possibilities that's happening right now with our society. We're headed for disaster and they need outs. They need big outs that will totally collapse our society so it can be dismantled and rebuilt (in their image). World War, Civil War, social unrest, they need a complete collapse and they are apparently engineering one. 

When the financial and economic systems collapse all hell is gonna break lose. If you think they are not hell bent on destroying this nation (our potus sure as hell is), you are sadly mistaken. This debt on debt, death of the dollar, out of gold, out of jobs, corruption ruled nation is being driven over the cliff intentionally with the idea of crashing, burning and rising like a phoenix in their image. This image is far from the one the Constitution and the Bill of Rights presents. This is the image of a nation fill of debt serf slaves working for the state. A complete totalitarian socialist marxist state where we only exist to serve them.  This is where we are headed. How we get there is anyone's guess, civil war or not, but we're headed there and in a hurry.

I've spoken about my concern for the coming GridEx drills on November 13-14 as the next great chance for them to initiate the next False Flag. They may or may not hit them, but this is a likely scenario for them to act. After the propaganda hit piece on the blackout EMP attack NatGeo did, they have basically warned us of what's potentially coming. They do not necessarily have to hit us then, but they will hit us soon I believe. They need a distraction, a big one. They need a war, a big one. They will use some sort of domestic false flag to galvanize the nation against an attack on the Middle East. It's coming.

On to the lie - 

Big Charts today!

One thing to note in all the charts, every one has now hit its long term upper market resistance diagonal with some even crossing this line. This is a massive warning signal. Every chart is also in an overthrow situation that began 11 months ago and are also in a second round of severe negative divergences.




DOW - 

More to come below.

Enjoy the weekend

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