Friday, May 3, 2013

Open Weekend Post 05/04-05/13

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

It is what it is till it isn't. There is only one thing we can do to stop it at this time, and that would be to go now and take all your money out of the banks and all other accounts. If they lost all the deposits, they would crumble. They are so desperate that at this time that may not even work. We've truly entered some sort of financial parallel universe, some sort of new dimension of reality that never existed before and we just don't get, something you would only see in a movie. It's Orwellian might be the best way to put it.

At least the STB readers all get it now. I think my rants and ramblings of the past four years have finally been proven positive. I'm not a kook, that's reassuring. What's not is reassuring is where we are headed and what the end result of all of this will be. Those looking to get short and make a fortune on the backside may be a bit misled. The last thing we want is whats coming. I'm not sure we'd much rather stay this course than have to deal with the net result of every financial market collapsing on the globe.

Daily SPX - Unfortunately Blogger does not let me upload Stockcharts anymore for some reason. So go to the link and see the Daily chart noting the 6 (six) consecutive negative divergences and 5 reversal candle formations this run thru 1600 has produced. If memory serves, seven neg divs are the record I have witnessed in the POMO era and after the seventh in that case we had a POMO end and close to a 10% correction. Of course, as it would be today, things are different living in an ease to infinity era which changes all the rules.

Enjoy the weekend.

GL and GB!

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