Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day and Morning Charts 05/24/13 SPX /ES

Memorial day weekend - first and foremost remember those that sacrificed everything for us, thank a soldier today (or everyday) and pray for those in action. I'm gonna forgo my usual "forefathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew what this nation would eventually become" rant. I would like to bitch a bit about how ignorant, spoiled and irresponsible the citizens of the US are today, but let's hold off on that as well.

Memorial Day's meaning, like almost every celebrated holiday, has changed a bit. Sure there is the historical significance which we should hold sacred, but what about our recent and current troops, how do they fit into the equation? Ask yourself, truly, what purpose do the current forces serve and do their losses deserve to be memorialized on this day? This may be a bit off base, but this is how  I personally feel. I'm inclined to believe that our current forces are no more than thugs being paid by the taxpayers to protect the corporate elite's assets.

So, some unfortunate soldier gets killed by an IED while spending a complete tour protecting a poppy field in Afghanistan, am I supposed to be thankful for that person's service? Another gets killed in Iraq? Libya? IMHO, these poor individuals are not serving this country, they are serving the banks by protecting the petro-dollar status, supporting the drug trade and money laundering and securing resources for the big oil companies and nothing more. They are not defending liberty. Since when did the guise of freeing independent states and installing puppet democracies become our soldier's duty? I'm supposed to praise and remember these poor souls on this holiday? I'm not so sure about that.

This is their chosen profession. They were not drafted. This is how they have chosen to get their paycheck. Now do not get me wrong, I greatly respect their desire, hard work and willingness to protect me, but what are they protecting me from? Right now the al-CIAda boogeymen are about the only things I have to be afraid of - which if you catch my drift is an internal enemy - not external. Eisenhower warned us of the military-industrial complex.

Listen closely to President Eisenhower's farewell speech -

Am I supposed to be thankful for the troops that ignore the law of posse comitatus and impose law on the streets of this nation. Am I supposed to be thankful for the troops that conduct illegal roadblocks well within this nations boarders? Thankful for the troops that swore to protect the Constitution, yet ignore and disregard its very premise and purpose because someone commands them to?

I do know that one day I will be eternally thankful when a nuclear ballistic missile gets stopped from hitting here or when an invasion of one of our allies is defended. That's what their intended for, not to procure land for pipelines and free other people from oppression. Our military is not the global police force or is it?

So, the meaning of Memorial Day is changing. I feel both sorry and thankful for the troops today. Sorry because of their dual purpose to serve their corporate masters in peaceful times, and then thankful when they protect the nation in times of war. So does a non-wartime death defending corporate interests death deserve the same honor and remembrance as one that dies defending liberty? IMO one is a soldier and one is a mercenary. Soldiers deserve every honor possible and the other, not so much.

The definition of war is changing fast. Computer wars, currency wars, drones and such are changing the battlefield. A very large war is coming soon, There has never been an economic crisis such as this that has not ended without a world war. I thought there was a chance Obummer would start a war to insure his reelection, now I'm not so sure he won't start one to perpetuate his rule. I feel two things coming, one we will be grateful for the military when the war comes. Two I fear a post war police state where all liberty is lost and we live under military rule.

I'm afraid the seeds of liberty will need to be resewn soon and an armed nation may have to defend its self against its self. A new revolution will be necessary to retake our nation from the infidels and terrorists that control it today. The tree of Liberty has withered. It must be refreshed so security and liberty can/must prosper together. Then Memorial day will regain its proper meaning.

On to the markets -

There are what they are till they aren't. Complete control and totally manipulated. At this time every holiday weekend should cause your stomach to churn and leave you wondering if you should have gone to the bank to get all your money out. There is still time left and the Fed is still fighting. Two P's folks, plan and prepare.

NIKK SPX comp 20yrs - Well, in past major tops the Nikkei has led the SPX top by 4 to 6 months. See yellow boxes. That was quite the run for a country with well over 200% debt/GDP, major currency issues and major companies like Sharp really struggling (not to mention the auto industry surviving on subprime lending again). The cycles line up well and the Nikkei has obeyed the LT resistance diagonal right on que. There is little reason to think it will defy it as well. You can not see the spike that nailed the blue resistance diagonal because of the red vertical line. Note to those that are long AFL, better plan your exit strategy NOW.

SPX Daily Closeup - There is a lotta red negative divergences in those indicators. Watch the red channel support diagonal.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.

GL and GB!

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