Friday, May 31, 2013

Morning Rant 05/31/13

Nothing to elaborate on this AM. Just waiting on the inevitable. How long that is is anyone's guess. Till the STB "event" comes everything else is little more than a sideshow. Whatever I have or could say this morn is covered 10x more by Jim Rogers here. Of course the inter view is from GoldMoney which means off the bat you are a kook and should discredit anything that comes from such a conspiratorial non MSM/Govt approved source that touts gold over risk-on and the petro-dollar. Remember if JR appears on reputable stations such as CNBS it is for disclaimer/entertainment purposes only. You have to throw a bear out there once in a while for shits and giggles. (/s)

This country has literally been rotting from the inside out for over half a century now. What started as one small infectious overly greedy cell (the Fed in 1913) has spread to infect almost every subcutaneous bit of its being. We've DEvolved as a nation. Instead of holding the value systems that established this once great nation as paramount, we've chosen to take the easy path to riches (cheating every chance we got) ignoring every fundamental principle along the way. Instead of remaining respectable and honorable, we've all become a land of thieves and crooks, nothing more than a bunch of selfabsorbed parasites that have ravaged the host to a point is will become unsustainable soon.

For the best evidence of this look no further than the leaders we have chosen. Look at the systems they have put in place and what they serve. Congratulations America, at the top of the leader list we've outdone ourselves. We've actually done the impossible, we've managed to supplant Jimmy Carter as the worst president ever. From the post Less Than Half Of Americans Now View Obama As “Honest And Trustworthy”… we get, "Only 3 percent of voters trust the federal government to do the right thing almost all the time, while 12 percent say they trust it most of the time; ". And I'm not even going into the Holder issues here. 

WTF? And we're worried about the friggin stock market (which problems are not addressed in this post cause they have been covered on STB for the past four years)? The GTF out of the market and into anything that is not dollar based sooner than later. As I have warned, now is the time to be diversifying away from the dollar into anything that you can. Gold, silver, food, a tractor, prepper items, land, whatever - anything other than dollar based assets. I get it that we want to protect our wealth and well being, but that no longer can be stated in terms of dollars. Dollars suck, assets rule. Real tradeable or barterable assets, assets that bring value to your daily lives, assets that can produce something like a garden for sustenance, those are the things that have real meaning now.

We're about to seriously jam this country's transmission in reverse, and if you don't remove your head from your backside and see this, well then. it is no longer my problem. I've done all I can for years to tell as many as possible what's coming. Now is the time you must be willing to cross that invisible line, stop playing their game of paper wealth and invest in real items. You've been warned. When capitulation hits it will be to late.

WTF is another $2000 or $200k or $200mn good gonna do you from this point? Are you gonna time the top perfectly? Are you gonna be able to even withdraw all those 1's and 0's from your institution and get them into your hands? Really? Do you think they are gonna let their lifeblood liquidity go? Fat chance. One word - Cyprus.

I'm not calling a top here in the market. Honestly at this point that is a fools game and it has become a rather mundane experiment that will yield little if nothing. I am however calling a top in the elites plan to dominate the globe. Their rubber band has been stretched to far and it is time for you to leave the game whole while you still have a chance. Leave the imaginary behind. Take what you can (or what they will let you) and diversify into assets that you can possess. Digital and paper are for losers and dreamers now.

Take a step back, look around you, take a gut check look at reality today and ask if you want to be a part of that, or do you want to separate yourself and family from the situation. OK, look at it this way, you and your family just walked inside a mafia run crack house - do you belong there? Do you want to stay there? Well you are stuck inside that crack house and are being forced to live at their standards under their rule. Get it now? Remove yourself from the situation!

On to the markets -

Not sure why I cover this anymore. Might as well change the portion of this post to "on to the lie" which I think I will next week.

Daily SPX -

You know what - screw the charts today. Let me tell you what's going to happen. Unless something blows up somewhere they will be flat to up on low volume that will be driven by a bunch of fucking machines creating the illusion there is a fucking market. Price will give some illusion there is real trade fluctuating around the VWAP while bids outnumber offers a gazillion to one ripping you off as you play their game and transfer your wealth one tenth of a cent at a time to the CB's. This is complete and utter bullshit. It is a fucking illusion to get you to believe all is fucking well when it isn't. Everything is an illusion. Nothing is real and you absolutely must realize this.

I've had enough of this bullshit. Enjoy the weekend.

GL and GB!

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