Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News - The Video Edition

DO NOT FORGET "The Warning" tonight at 9:00 on Frontline.

Ron Paul on CNN-Bailouts-Wall St Fraud 10-20-09 - "Wall St. has the strings on Washington. That is where the corruption is."

Gerald Celente on The Corbett report 19 Oct 2009 "There is no recovery. It is a cover-up." and "It is a cover-up that has been painted over with phantom money." Classic Celente. Gotta love him.

From Zero Hedge - Dylan Ratigan Discusses Obama's Purported Secret Agenda - Dylan's set gows larger each day, and I appreciate him for attempting to spread the news.

It all makes so much sense now - Wall Streets Trickle Down - "40% jump in Wall Street bonuses could boost sales of the city's multi-million dollar apartments and generate extra tax revenue for New York City. (Bloomberg News)" Uh, OK, if you say so. Who says crime does not pay!

Sadly I forgot about ICN - Informed Citizen News 10/11/09 - FDA rushing thru swine flu vaccines that may not be safe, Former Monsanto exec and chief lobbyist now Sr. Advisor to FDA (he's a-ok with GMO foods by the way)? and more surprising stuff the MSMs don't cover.

Don't forget to help here as well - Unmask The Fed


  1. check out today's marketplace, funny intro + story about brooksley borns.


  2. Losershot - I was looking forward to the show, but got sidetracked by a cocktail party. I hope you got to see it. Maybe it is a good this I did not see it. I would have imploded at the ignorance, greed and stupidity. Thanks for the link.


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