Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Few Select Clips From Fall Of The Republic

Please watch this movie. I know, Alex Jones and conspiracy theories. Don't let that stop you this time. He's broken the trend and documented, very well IMO, this crisis, why it happened and where we're headed. Lots of fantastic stuff in here. Please watch it and get informed.

HERE is the link to AJ's YouTube page where the clips will roll thru uninterrupted.

The clip below will make you sick.

Cap and Tax (or make you puke part two) THIS IS JUST TOTALLY NUTS!

Folks - WAKE UP!


  1. you wake up, biatch. be realistic and reasonable. stop being a raging supply sider at all costs. you're idealistic mindset will be your downfall because you can't see or understand the other side. best of luck being you. have an unhappy life.

  2. Anon - gotta respect your side, but being realistic is no longer an option for me. I don't like to fear monger, and I do have my moments of going too far. I have always liked the ideas of conspiracy theories, but when they start coming to fruition, you gotta take notice. I am honestly horrified about what is happening to this country. Assuming you live hear too, I believe you should be as well. Thanks for the views.

  3. These videos provide a good perspective, but kind of go over the top. Too much conspiracy theory crap, and not enough hard facts (and when there were hard facts, they were very inflated). Every govn official that spoke is probably not qualified to teach grade school.

    The idea is good, you just need to find better and more believable sources.

  4. Anon 2 - Agreed that they can cherry pick anything they want and spin it to their like (don't we learn this every morning from CNBC?). Some of it does require a stretch to believe, but can you really trust anyone anymore in the government? I sure don't think so (if so they are very few). Thanks for the visit and the comment.


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