Monday, September 20, 2021

Morning Post 09/20/2021 SPX

Something … something … the smell of napalm in the morning. Hopefully war doesn’t erupt out of this financial fiasco, but it could. Not sure how they’d deal with virtue signaling, masks and perpetual jab in that scenario, but rest assured global warming caused it all. 

On to the lie - 

Minis off 40 at midnight but off 56 and holding for now as 50dma will get shattered. Last week I noted the potentially dire situation and my ho hum attitude towards it - as not a good thing. The Fed’s gonna do what it does till it doesn’t (or can’t due to my event). Maybe creepy Joe election was my event? 

So, how do we react? #1 is to figure out what the Fed wants and pay attention to liquidity. If evergrande is about to bend the financial world over, global financial contagion could be real. In that case we hiccup and throw an ass ton of digital ones and zeros at it till it disappears in a week or two. The addition of evergrande on top of everything else that was already stressing the system ain’t good. I highly suggest going to get some cash and maintaining a decent amount at home just in case bank runs happen. 

#2 read the charts. I’m gonna blindly climb back out on my TA limb. Find key support points. I doubt any discernible patterns will show up soon. Well the falling knife one will be there today for sure. Flash crash anyone? The obvious daily, weekly and monthly morning averages aligned with prior price support will hopefully be reliable road signs if this thing lets go. I’m assuming the daily get obliterated, but till they do … 

#3 remain calm as this will be most of our third rodeo with this. Yes, this could be the big one Elizabeth. We’re coming! It could spark other worse things especially given our lack of leadership. Hell, the globalists may be making a final move here. Be chill. You’ve been here before. Well, other than this may no longer be a drill. 

#4 I’ve warned you for over a decade to prepare. If you have not … you’re running out of time. Greatest trade ever - fiat for real assets. 

Targets? LOL. I’ll work on them. They won’t be pretty. The weekly 200 at my favorite support around 3200 will be something I throw out there, but baby steps first  

More to come below. 

Have a good day.

GL and GB! 

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