Friday, June 5, 2020

Morning Charts 06/05/2020 SPX

Gonna be an interesting weekend. War in DC? Will they go after the WH?

Sad to see all this spurred on in democratic controlled states and cities. Almost like it’s a coordinated event. Hmmmm... not sure how Trump maneuvers out of this one. Force will be necessary. So difficult when the msm has brainwashed millions of uneducated, single parent, drug using, underprivileged poor people. Everything was working for them. All the statistics were working for them. They were being lifted, they felt it, but the Dems and the deep state were losing. The DS and Dems are on their last breath. We just have to make it to the election. There is no way the people will re-elect the dem leaders that promoted this. If they do, those states will die a quick death as people migrate away.

Q - if you don’t believe or doubt, I still highly suggest you at least read and see what this team is promoting. I do like what Q says - we have to see the violence and failure of the democrats for ourselves, they are on display, the msm can’t hide this, and then we can vote out the oppressors.

On to the lie -

Futures up. Markets predicting none of this matters. It’s all rigged. At this point half the country could get nuked, and they’d gap up open. Who the hell knows?  Tons of support. Not sure I’d be swinging anything long this weekend.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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