Thursday, June 4, 2020

Morning Charts 06/04/2020 SPX

It’s kinda cool to talk about the sheeple and the msm and operation mockingbird ...... until you are made aware of how many stupid ignorant fucks there are out there. Damn the C_a has done a tremendous job. We joke about fake news, Trump blasts on it every day, now we can see why he is so obsessed with it. It’s THE enemy of the people.

Education system, single parent homes, poverty - swirl that all in with the fake news msm pushing a narrative to destroy the country and you get where we are now.

The stats speak loudly.

Tucker must have some huge nuts to have spoken the facts/stats last night on the news.

Clay Travis did it in his sports show -

It at least appears Trump is going after the deep state.

I honestly think we got a chance to win this war. It’s far from over. It’s gonna get worse. We’re waking up more and more people every day. That’s the key.

On to the lie -

How many years have I referred to the markets as ‘the lie’? We’re closing in on a decade I believe.

Follow the Fed. Patterns working better than unreliable indicators. Historical anything is mostly junk now.

If they want to get Trump they have to take out the markets I believe. This is my best guess. So, I’m waiting for it. Before or after he wins. They must destroy America.

Maybe they’re gonna get rich and destroy the country at the same time? Defining rich using fiat is a oxymoron. Nothing is real. Take the red pill.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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