Friday, December 20, 2019

Morning Charts 12/20/2019 SPX

Dems are nuts. Bat shit crazy. A sickening stew of socialism, fascism and communism.

If you don’t know what’s happening in VA with the whole 2A thing ya better start paying attention. The ‘First Shot’ May be fired there next year (and it will be a MKUltra crazy) to start the war on gun control. Sadly it will be the Dems last losing ploy.

On to the lie -

More stuff than anyone should have to deal with -

Xmas quote - from a great song -

And in despair I bowed my head
There is no peace on earth I said
For hate is strong that mocks the song
Of peace on earth goodwill to men
Then pealed the bells more loud and deep
God is not dead nor doubt He sleeps
The wrong shall fail the right prevail
With peace on earth goodwill to men”

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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