Thursday, August 8, 2019

Morning Charts 8/8/2019 SPX

So if you are into extreme fake news and 2nd level conspiracy theories, like beyond AJ off the wall stuff, then according to MSNBC today 8/8 is Heil Hitler day. Trump is going to say something subliminal to release the White supremacist army to eradicate the blacks and Hispanics today! Ahhhh run for the hills. Hide the women and children. Folks, these people are the literal definition of bat shit crazy. TDS is real. Let’s just hope we can survive the next year and a half plus their reaction to another Trump victory. This is insanity Right now it looks like the left vitally needs a David Koresh or Jim Jones figure to lead them properly.

On to the lie -

I tweeted this last night -

Here we go again? “ Chicago Fed President Evans comments suggesting more easing and QE4EVA prompted some PPT-sponsored panic-bids in US equities.” #Rigged 

QE4EVA? PPT? Permanent backstop? Holy crap these markets are so rigged. The main thing to take here is LIQUIDITY. As Soup and I discussed maybe 6 years ago, when they stop or can’t provide liquidity it’s game over.

And we’re back to discussing asset confiscation - except this time before the crisis and not after. If y’all remember the good ol days when the Greek banks seized everything - ya, we’re entering that twilight zone again already. I’m pretty sure if your advisor discussed these laws with you compliance would have him/her fired on the spot.

Looking at the DOW - sitting at round number smack dab in the middle of a 1k consolidation area. They now have a 500 point buffer in either direction to toy/antagonize with. Enjoy!

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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